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A Case Study in Refinery Compliance

The worker is the structural backbone of any refinery and the work team forms its foundation. And like any foundation, a weak one can cause cracks, both literal and figurative, that can lead to unit upsets, equipment failure, and costly shutdowns.

That’s why it is crucial to hire and train the best and brightest refinery workers and ensure that compliance and quality control measures are firmly in place. PetroSkills RDC Solutions does just that, helping companies in the oil and gas industry meet compliance demands and withstand business challenges through a more competent and qualified workforce. By optimizing learning with proven instructional design and technology, they enable their clients to improve performance and reduce risk. PetroSkills RDC Solutions provided the details of a successful case study in workplace compliance, as outlined below:


ePilot Learning

ePilot Learning

A growing manufacturing company created by multiple acquisitions (over 3,000 employees across 6 refineries in the U.S.).


How to successfully develop qualifications and compliance in the workforce, combining union and non-union facilities, different networks and servers, different training and record keeping systems (ranging from an obsolete LMS, a home-grown LMS, to just Excel spreadsheets) and meshing different ideas and past practices.



Active Learner reports

Active Learner reports

Established a training team of key persons from each refinery. Chose Active Learner and both EHS and Technical Skills ePilot eLearning libraries. Evaluated and retained other content as needed per site, developed new content, and delivered all through Active Learner for consistent delivery and reporting and to provide a “one-stop shop” for employee training. The three phase implementation plan included all refineries and corporate groups, developed an enterprise security structure and comprehensive coding structure for all key data to be entered into Active Learner to provide consistency of data and reporting and allow sharing of information and best practices. Each phase consisted of data collection, data loading, and validation by site administrators.

If you would like to learn more about workplace training and compliance, visit PetroSkills RDC Solutions at RefComm® Galveston. The company will have actual online courses and learning management systems available on hand for demonstration. For more information, visit

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