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Optimizing Spray Nozzle and Injector Selection in FCCU Applications to Improve Safety, Reliability, and Operational Efficiency

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Overhead water wash

The FCC Unit is a workhorse and a huge financial contributor at most refineries. Keeping it running efficiently is a major goal. There are certain spray nozzle and injector applications that can contribute to that efficiency if done properly and if spray technology is better understood. This presentation will look at Water Wash, Regenerator Off-Gas Quench, Torch Oil, and Slurry Backflush while discussing some common issues and methods to potentially improve performance that may lead to increased reliability and safety. Corrosion in oil refineries is a costly concern, and controlling or mitigating the corrosion can make the difference between keeping a unit operating until the next planned outage, or having to shut down prematurely. Maintaining the operating equipment so that damage is averted or minimized is also affected by spray nozzle performance.

Speaker - Chuck Munro, Refinery Application Specialist, Spraying Systems Co.

Mr. Chuck Munro has 30 years of experience working with Spraying Systems Company where he assists customers with developing a wide variety of spray nozzle solutions. He is an active member of several industry groups, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, AMPP (formerly NACE), and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, where he has been involved with training, consultation, and application support. Currently Chuck focuses on the Business Development of the Oil & Gas and Sulfuric Acid industries while working to help these industries recognize ways to optimize performance, as well as increase reliability and sustainability with new technologies and proven solutions.

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