Winds of Change, Exploring the Impacts of Keystone, MARPOL, and Shale on Refining Operations and Margins

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Edward Arnold - Argus Media

Conference: Galveston 2017

The future for refining conversion units has never been so cloudy. On one hand, the reintroduction of the Keystone XL pipeline and other projects are expected to bring more heavy oils from Canada into the US refining system. On the other hand, lighter feedstocks like shale or tight oils continues to put downward pressure on the light/heavy spread. MARPOL regulations will continue to drive investment and operational changes for refiners and shippers alike. Where everything shakes out only time will tell. Argus will share their insight and experience with regard to all these topics with particular focus on the impacts to Coking, Cat Cracking, and Sulfur Recovery.

Keynote Speaker at RefComm® Galveston 2017 - Ed Arnold, Argus MediaEd is a senior consultant with 39 years of experience covering petrochemicals, refining, upstream and biotechnology. He has advised some of the world’s largest energy companies, as well as banks, sovereign wealth funds, government agencies and entrepreneurial firms. During his time as a Senior Group Manager for Jacobs Consultancy he performed due diligence for six North American refinery and chemical firm acquisitions, as well as numerous capital project valuations, project feasibility studies, new process technology development projects, and market risk analyses. Ed holds bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry from the University of California, as well as an MSc in Microbiology from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from University of Chicago.

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