Stainless Steel Floating Slide Plates for Coke Chutes

Presented By

P66 Owner Representative Thomas Kline - Structural Technologies

Matthew Hickey - Structural Preservation

Conference: Galveston 2018

In spring 2017, Structural Preservation Systems, LLC. undertook an extensive rehabilitation program to restore the coke chutes and surrounding pit areas of a two-drum delayed coking unit at a refinery in the western United States. The hallmark of the rehabilitation program was the removal of the existing embedded steel wear plates within the coke chute areas which were replaced with an innovate floating slide plate system. The purpose of the floating slide plates is to allow the plates to “float” freely without a physical connection to the coke chute which simplifies future repair/upgrades significantly.

This presentation will be delivered in a case study format highlighting the success of the project, the innovative floating slide plate assembly and the performance of the system to date.

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