Modernization of Romanian Cokers, Executed in a Major Revamp at OMV Petrom Refinery

Presented By

Vera Predescu - OMV Petrom Refinery

Dr. Wolfgang Paul - Ruhrpumpen GmbH

Conference: Budapest 2017

Romania has a long tradition and several DCUs of special Romanian/Russian style.
OMV Petrom executed a large revamp and modernization of their DCU.

Major steps were

  • Semi-automatic bottom deheading system
  • Automatic top deheading valves and Automatic Cutting tools

One major step was the modernization of the deheading system. As there was no possibility to install valves, other options had to be considered.

Company Ruhrpumpen, which designed, manufactured and installed already semi-automatic deheading systems, carried out a specialized system for top and bottom at the existing coke drums.

A large increase in safety and an improvement in operation has been achieved.

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