Understanding Fixed Equipment Integrity

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This two-day training taught in Spanish (instructor also speaks Portuguese) will cover various topics which will enhance the plant engineer and inspector’s understanding and knowledge in multiple technical areas. The agenda gives the scope of subjects that will be presented. While some topics are an overview, the sessions on API 579/ ASME FFS-1 standard go into more detail on what the standard is, how to use it on certain defects, and how it applies to coke drums and other pressure vessels.

You Will Learn

  • Material Considerations
  • Pressure Vessel Design Basics (ASME Section VIII Div 1)
  • API 579-1/ASME-FFS-1 Assessment Methodologies
  • General and Local Metal Loss Assessments (Parts 4 and 5 of API 579)
  • Fatigue and Remaining Life Assessments (Part 14 of API 579)
  • Toughness and Brittle Fracture Considerations (Part 3 of API 579)
  • You found an Indication, now what? (Crack Like Flaws, Part 9 API 579)
  • When Things Get Real Hot? (Creep, Part 10 of API 579)
  • Bolted Flange Connections (PCC-1 Topics)
  • Welding Considerations (WPS, PQR and PWHT Basics)
  • Repairs, Rerates and Undocumented Equipment (PCC-2 and NBIC Topics)
  • High Temperature Hydrogen Attack: Are you at Risk?
  • Prescribing the Correct Inspection for each Damage Mechanism (Coke Drums, creep, HTHA, low temperature, HIC, etc.)

Who Should Attend

  • Plant reliability engineers, maintenance engineers, inspectors, and managers
    who wish to increase their knowledge on the key aspects of designing and maintaining fixed equipment.
  • Operating personnel that want to better understand plant equipment.
  • Those new to maintenance or who need to review their understanding of equipment.

Your Instructor

Julian J. Bedoya - Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Julian J. Bedoya, P.E. is a Senior Associate at Stress Engineering Services, Inc. Most of his work has centered on performing analyses of pressure vessels and pipelines to assess mechanical integrity for fitness for service.

He has also installed high temperature strain gauges and thermocouples to obtain measurements for later analyses of coke drums, and has performed numerous coke drum skirt design and analyses using finite element methods.

Stress-Engineering Services, Inc.Presented in cooperation with Stress Engineering Services, Inc. Stress Engineering Services, Inc. is an independent, full-service, engineering consulting firm providing services and solutions to the oil, chemical & refinery and power industries.

Buenos Aires Training
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: November 8-9, 2018
Price: $1,495.00

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This course will be taught in Spanish

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