SRU Operations and Troubleshooting, TGU Review

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This course covers standard Claus configurations, operations, and troubleshooting. Each equipment and source of recovery losses will be discussed. You will explore start-up and shutdown procedures while considering operational issues you may encounter. Then you will move on to the sulfur plant incinerator and a review of Tail Gas Units. Safety is included!

“Most people attend the seminars because they want to learn something they can take home with them and actually put to use. Noel is one of the best instructor’s I have come across in the sulfur world who can help you understand what you came to learn.”Vaughan Birch, SRU Supervisor, NCRA

You Will Learn

  • Safety
  • SRU Fundamentals
  • SRU Operations, Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance
    • Conversion and Recovery
    • Catalyst Deactivation Mechanism
    • Recovery Losses
    • Process Equipment
    • Start-up and Shutdown
  • Thermal Oxidizer
  • SRU Tail Gas Unit Overview
  • Dry Bed Process (Sulfreen, CBA, MCRC, Superclaus)
  • Wet Scrubbing Process (SCOT)

Who Should Attend

All who are interested in obtaining essential information on the current status of the sulfur recovery processes and operating practice. This course will assist all disciplines including process engineers, project engineers, mechanical engineers, facility engineers and SRU operators or any others that are willing to attend and obtain more information in their field.

Your Instructor

Noel VicenteMr. Vicente has extensive knowledge and experience in the sulfur recovery industry having worked with Sulfur Recovery Engineering, Sulfur Engineering Solutions, and now Sulfur Unit a part of Refining Community. Noel has worked in all aspects of the Sulfur Recovery such as Analytical and Field Testing, Operations and Troubleshooting, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, Process Engineering and has been involved with the start-up/ shutdown of various refineries and gas plants worldwide.

On top of his credentials, Noel is an experienced instructor/trainer, who is able to make difficult concepts easy to understand for all. He is a “sought-after” instructor, conducting regional and onsite training for sulfur plant operators, engineers and key staff for refineries and sour gas processors around the world. Noel also teaches fundamental engineering theory review courses to foreign trained engineers.

Buenos Aires Training
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 5-6 November 2018
Price: $1,595.00

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