Crude Unit Distillation, Troubleshooting, and Desalting

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This two-course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to understand, troubleshoot and optimize crude oil distillation and desalting. The discussion will focus on design considerations, equipment, components, controls, operation, performance, and troubleshooting tactics. With the advent of clean fuels and the constantly changing sources of crude, personnel needs to understand the many variables to control and optimization as it is vital to profitability. Teamwork, case studies, and interactive workshops to reach learning objectives to understand constant adjustments required to maintain steady operation, capacity and product quality.

You Will Learn

  • Crude Unit – History Overview and Unit Configurations, World Benchmarking
  • Crude Unit – Safety and Incident Overview
  • Crude Oil Composition and Origin – Crude Assay Review
  • Crude Oil Chemistry
  • Other Crude Unit Feeds and potential issues
  • Crude Fractionation and Column Designs – Core Fractionation Course
  • Desalting and Desalter Issues and Troubleshooting
  • Flash Vessel and Column – Foaming issues Antifoam and Foam Suppression equipment design
  • Crude Preheat Sections, Operations, Monitoring and Issues
  • Atmospheric Section Configurations, Operation, Issues, and Process/Operation Monitoring
  • Vacuum Section Configurations, Operation, Issues, and Process/Operation Monitoring
  • Crude Unit Process Monitoring Templates
  • Major Crude Unit Incidents with Class Room Team Breakouts Troubleshooting – 4 hours
  • Crude Heater Decoking – Pigging and Smart Pigging
  • Crude Unit Start-Up
  • Crude Unit Shutdown and Decontamination – Flareless


  • Crude Unit Safety Incident Presentations and Video
  • Additional Reading and References

Who Should Attend

Engineers, technical and troubleshooting staff, maintenance and operations personnel as well as design, construction and service providers involved in or interested in the operation, monitoring and optimization of crude oil distillation and desalting.


Participants should have some recent exposure to oil refinery facility terminology.

Your Instructor

Tom MeekTom Meek is a Sr. Coker Process Consultant for Inc. Formerly he was Principal Technologist Delayed Coking for Shell Global Solutions for 13 years. Prior to that, he was Process Engineer & Superintendent Delayed Coking, Crude Distilling for 28 years at various Shell refineries. He has consulted on processing improvement and reliability initiatives for coking clients around the world. His experience includes modeling, simulation, test run execution and analysis, yields unit optimization, troubleshooting, and start-up.

Galveston, Texas - Training
Galveston, Texas
Date: 29-30 April 2019
Price: $1,495.00 (USD)
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