Conference Presentations – Santiago 2019

Sulfur Recovery Presentation in Valencia, Spain 2018Presentation topics for RefComm® Santiago 2019 are categorized in 2 tracks: Delayed Coking and CatCracking. This is an excellent opportunity for Operators and Solution Providers to share Lessons Learned, Best Practices and new technologies to optimize productivity and safety.

Delayed Coking

Delayed Coking

Seeking Presenters & Topics of Interest

  • Problems and Lessons Learned from Recent Startups
  • Case Studies on Implementation of Wireless Instrumentation Equipment, Monitoring, Intelligences in Refineries
  • Resid Sampling Techniques
  • Main Issues with Automatic Unheading Devices
  • Reliability of Coke Drum Overhead Piping
  • Drum Skirt Cracking Experience and Remedies
  • Interactive Breakout Discussion Sessions
  • Coke Handling Best Practices
  • Turnaround Lessons Learned
  • Processing Nonstandard Feedstocks – SDA Bottoms, Hydrocracker bottoms, Visbroken material, Stranded Fuel Oil



Seeking Presenters & Topics of Interest

  • Latest offerings for catalysts and additives
  • US Refinery Presentations about Feed Trials, Experiences, and Case Studies
  • Heat Balance Calculations between Regenerator and Reactor
  • Desalter Impact on FCCU Operations
  • Critical Mechanical Joints
  • FCCU Heartburn Panel
  • Controlling and Monitoring FCCU Emissions (environment)
  • FCCU Tweaks to meet MARPOL Low Sulfur rules
  • Best practices for the reliability of air emission control devices (WGS, ESP, cyclone)
  • Driving unconventional growth with IIoT
  • Understanding Pressure Balance between WGS and Fuel Gas Compressors

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