Exhibition Rotterdam 2019

RefComm Rotterdam 2019 Exhibition

AMPO Poyam ValvesVisit Website
AMPO POYAM VALVES is an international leader in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries.

AZZ WSI B.V.Visit Website
AZZ Specialty Welding (WSI) is the global leader in onsite automated welding repairs for pressure retaining equipment

Becht EngineeringVisit Website
Becht Engineering provides comprehensive and technically excellent engineering consulting, and project and turnaround management services to the energy, industrial gas, and chemical sectors world wide.

Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KGVisit Website
Berthold Technologies is the leading supplier of radiation based measurements to the refining industry providing coke drum level, desalter interfaces, densities and much more.

Blac IncVisit Website
Petrochemical and Refining Actuator, Hydraulic Power Unit and Control Systems. Innovative Design… Unique Field Services and Support.

CIRCOR | DeltaValveVisit Website
DeltaValve, a world leader in delayed coking solutions, designs, engineers, and manufactures a complete line of industrial products for the delayed coking process within the oil and gas industry.

CIRCOR | TapcoEnproVisit Website
For more than 50 years, TapcoEnpro has provided critical path Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) equipment and boasts a worldwide installed base of FCC valves, actuators, and hydraulic power units. This industry-wide trust stems from our ability to design and manufacture equipment rugged and reliable enough to withstand the harsh environments and processes of refining and petrochemicals. TapcoEnpro has always led the industry with new ideas and designs and holds more patents on FCC valves and associated equipment than our competitors combined.

Filtration GroupVisit Website
Process filtration for Delayed Coking and Amine service.

FlowserveVisit Website
Flowserve pumps and hydraulic decoking equipment are designed for safety, reliability, and maintainability using know-how that comes from industry-leading innovation and experience.

IMI Critical EngineeringVisit Website
IMI Critical Engineering is a world-leading provider of critical flow control solutions that enable vital energy and process industries to operate safely, cleanly, reliably and more efficiently. Our products control the flow of steam, gas, and liquids in harsh environments – they are designed to withstand temperature and pressure extremes, as well as intensely abrasive or corrosive cyclical operations. We combine technical knowledge, engineering design capability, application experience, and innovative custom-designed products to deliver safe, reliable and durable solutions.

MIAM – Magdeburger Industriearmatur-Manufaktur GmbHVisit Website
Manufacturer of Coker Isolation and Switch Valves. INNO-CON, INNO-MAT, and INNO-SWITCH

ONISVisit Website
ONIS is an international group whose focus is the design and manufacture of Quick-Action Line Blinds for positive isolation of process equipment.

Refined Technologies, Inc.Visit Website
Refined Technologies provides chemical cleaning for refining, petrochemical, and oil sands markets, while offering experienced operations personnel, excellent detailed planning, professionally-driven executions, patented chemistry, and strategic mechanical rentals.

Ruhrpumpen GmbHVisit Website
Ruhrpumpen’s Coke Cutting System state of the art technology to remove coke out of your drums.

TRICOM SCANVisit Website
A leading company in providing a complete in-depth coke drum inspection service. Investing in research and development, serving 4 continents and performing services in all types of coke drums, makes Tricom Scan Argentina/Uruguay your Laser Mapping Company.

TRIPLAN Technology GmbHVisit Website
TRIPLAN Technology provides CCSS, the closed, clean and enviromental Coke handling solution.

VEGAVisit Website
VEGA provides industry-leading products for measurement of level, density, weight, and pressure. VEGA combines manufacturing, distribution, and service for products that represent the most sophisticated process measurement technologies anywhere in the world.

ZymeFlow Decon TechnologyVisit Website
World leader in refinery and petrochemical process unit cleaning for over 30 years. Simultaneously de-oil while eliminating H2S, LEL benzene, and pyrophorics achieving entry in 8-12 hours.

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