RefComm Rotterdam

RefComm Rotterdam

Training, Conference, and Exhibition

Rotterdam 30 September–3 October 2019

Delayed Coking and Fluid Catalytic Cracking

RefComm® is recognized as the premier worldwide conference for Coker and CatCracker. RefComm Rotterdam deals with production goals, leading edge technology, environmental regulations, MARPOL specifications, revamps and maintaining equipment. RefComm is highly unit specific, spending two full days on each process!   It targets engineers, operators, maintenance, and managers of these process units along with expert vendors and EPCs to discuss fine details of these processes in a way not possible in more broad conferences.

RefComm week starts with 2 optional days of training, followed by the technical conference and exhibition. Explore these conference videos.  Get your team the knowledge they need for more production with less risk. RefComm Budapest 2017 attendance was 166 with 90 refiners! Send your team to bring back and share the knowledge they need to be safe, efficient and productive.

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