Exhibition Mumbai 2019

RefComm 2016 Mumbai

19–21 November 2019 (Tuesday-Thursday)

The exhibition opens with the Tuesday evening welcome reception. Exhibitors will be closely integrated with the Conference program.

AMPO Poyam ValvesVisit Website
AMPO POYAM VALVES is an international leader in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries.

CIRCOR | DeltaValveVisit Website
DeltaValve, a world leader in delayed coking solutions, designs, engineers, and manufactures a complete line of industrial products for the delayed coking process within the oil and gas industry.

MOGAS IndustriesVisit Website
MOGAS is the Dominant Severe Service Technology company, with isolation and control valve solutions and engineering services for applications such as delayed coking and catalytic cracking.

ZymeFlow Decon TechnologyVisit Website
World leader in refinery and petrochemical process unit cleaning for over 30 years. Simultaneously de-oil while eliminating H2S, LEL benzene, and pyrophorics achieving entry in 8-12 hours.

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