RefComm Mumbai 2019

We are excited to share some big news about RefComm®!  We partner with Reliance Industries Ltd to host RefComm in Mumbai, India in 2019, and don’t forget we also have RefComm Galveston and Rotterdam coming up in 2019!  We are moving our South America event from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro in 2020.

RefComm Mumbai 2019

Training, Conference, and Exhibition

Mumbai | 18–21 November 2019

focused on the Safety, Reliability, and Profitability of the Delayed Coking Unit

Reliance Industries Ltd

RefComm® Mumbai Sponsor

RefComm® is recognized as the premier worldwide conference for Delayed Coking. RefComm Mumbai deals with production goals, leading edge technology, environmental regulations, revamps, and maintaining equipment. RefComm is highly specific, spending two full days on the delayed coking process!   It targets engineers, operators, maintenance, and managers of the DCU along with expert vendors and EPCs to discuss fine details of the process and equipment in a way not possible in broader conferences.

RefComm week starts with 2 optional days of training, followed by the technical conference and exhibition. Explore these conference videos.  Get your team the knowledge they need for more production with less risk. 167 attended RefComm Valencia 2018, Buenos Aires 2018 was 160 with 89 operators and Budapest 2017 attendance was 166 with 90 refiners! Send your team to bring back and share the knowledge they need to be safe, efficient and productive.

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