Post-Conference Wrap-Up, RefComm Global 2020

2020 RefComm Global Event Highlights

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Another RefComm event has come and gone. It was unique not just technologically but internationally. This was by far the most diverse global audience we have ever assembled. There were 137 different companies from 36 countries around the world. The content was some of the best ever.

In the technical program, we learned about:

  • Massively leaning coker drums (more scary than the leaning tower of Pisa)
  • Numerous failures of overlaid heater tube ubends – serious near miss
  •  How to calculate heater pass flow velocity and understand how that effects residence time (by extension fouling)
  • Emergency jet pump system to keep the unit running
  • Novel coke drum design to reduce circumferential weld cracking
  • New application of an iterative learning program to improve drum cooling effectiveness

In the vendor spotlight program, we learned about:

  • All kinds of new valve tech (slide, ball, plug)
  • Sneak peak into a structural weld overlay (SWOL) standard in development
  • Automated coke dewatering process
  • Corrosion control strategies
  • Needle coke advanced analysis techniques

A few of the best sessions were only available if you were online and present like the process and operations breakout sessions and a recap of 5+ safety/reliability incidents by Chevron. The remainder of the talks will still be available on the platform until December 6, 2020. I moderated most of the sessions so I couldn’t take notes. Personally, I’m going back in to rewatch many of the sessions to improve my knowledge. We all get better by sharing our expertise.

These times are difficult for health, economic, and many other reasons. We are proud to still be able to bring the refining community together in a virtual way. At our roots, RefComm was founded as a virtual company ( and sometimes it takes a shock to the system to send you back to your foundation through online collaboration. We will all get stronger together.

We are planning RefComm Galveston 2021 in May (10-14) as a hybrid (live + virtual) event with programming for the delayed coker, fluid catalytic cracker, the sulfur unit, and the solvent deasphalting unit. This will allow those of us who can, to get together for the live event while catering to the global audience who may not be able to travel yet.

2020 RefComm Global Delegate Map


I want to thank the REFCOMM team for an incredible successful virtual event. Nothing beats a face to face interactive conference however this is a close second. This conference was well organized and the format allowed us to interact/network with our customers. The programs were educational. I appreciate the countless hours of preparation and dedication put into this successful conference.

Steve Wilkie, Director of Strategic Relations – CIRCOR | DeltaValve

Dear REFCOMM Team, Thanks for your great work, I really enjoyed the training and the content of the first ever virtual REFCOMM. It is a great experience and very timely learning and connection for me to the community. The video production is great and the timing of each session is perfect. Definitely a lot of work behind the scenes to make this work.

Huidong Gao PhD, Production Team Support Engineer, Coker Unit – Shell Deer Park Manufacturing Complex

Thank you! Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Companies Represented

Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Companies Represented
Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Companies Represented
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