Vendor Spotlight – RefComm 2021

Vendor Spotlight Program

Equipment vendors and technology/service providers play an important role in the safety and reliability of the delayed coking industry. Tuning into the sessions on the Vendor Spotlight Program will give access to technology updates, troubleshooting sessions, live Q&A and more.

Vendor Spotlight

Next Generation Tooling Technologies for Coker Vessel Life Extension – Pedro Amador, AZZ Infrastructure

Extended Run Length using Ceramic Coating on Fired Heaters – Sanjay Lodha, Tubacoat

Temperature Measurement in the DCU, FCCU, and SRU – Aaron Nogan, Daily Thermetrics

Reliability and Efficiency for High Temperature Gas-To-Gas Heat Exchangers – Joan Bova and Greg Becherer, CG Thermal LLC

WaveInjector – Non-Intrusive High Temperature Flow Measurement Solution for Refineries – FLEXIM Americas Corp.

Closed Coke Slurry System – a chance to upgrade an existing DCU within a major TA – Bernd Lankers and Ralf Gast, TRIPLAN GmbH

WaveInjector – Non-Intrusive High Temperature Flow Measurement Solution for Refineries – Heather Slavin & Carolina Stopkoski, FLEXIM Americas Corp.

On-Demand Operational Training: Hands-on Anywhere, Anytime – Travis Duckro, GSE Solutions

Types of Valves for Severe Services containing Heavy Crude Feedstock – Iñaki Aizpeolea, AMPO POYAM VALVES

Optimize Operator and Plant Performance with Dynamic Simulation – Sarah Grace Mitchell & Nathan Leonard, CORYS, Inc.

Coker valve design attributes to deliver in harsh Coking process to meet high availability for on stream factors – Mike Murphy, ValvTechnologies

Inlet Configuration on Coke Drum Health – Alex Stoller & Phillip Loya, Stress Engineering Services

Advanced Decoking – Brian Berardi, Flowserve

Rethinking FCC Actuation and Controls – Taras Dykun, MEA Inc.

Fired Heater Maintenance Services. No Shutdown Required! – Johnny Smatana, Integrated Global Sevices

FCCU Wear Products – Tim Connors, Blasch Precision Ceramics

A Discussion about the gaps in Reliability – Mel Larson, Mitch Moloney, Ranjan Nadarajah, Bobby Wright, Becht Engineering

Getting to Zero Errors in Execution through Procedure Clarity – Francis Montemurro & Christian McDermott, Voovio Technologies

CLG Residue Upgrading – Al Faegh & Dan Gillis, Chevron Lummus Global

Troubleshooting common issues in Valves and Control Systems of FCC Units, Lessons Learned and Recommendations – Andrea Pusceddu, IMI Remosa – IMI Z&J

From Art to Science, Changing Infrared 180 Degrees – Nagy Wassef, Quest Integrity Group, LLC

Using Radiometric Measurements in Heavy Oil Conversion Units – David Williams, Berthold Technologies

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