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AMPO Poyam ValvesVisit Website
AMPO POYAM VALVES is an international leader in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries.

Aspen AerogelsVisit Website
Aspen Aerogels developed Pyrogel® HPS for the extreme operating conditions associated with delayed coking. Pyrogel HPS helps optimize liquid yield by minimizing heat loss in feedlines, overhead lines and drums, which helps decrease recycle rates, premature coking and the risk of foamover.

AZZ WSIVisit Website
AZZ Specialty Welding (WSI) is the global leader in onsite automated welding repairs for pressure retaining equipment.

BechtVisit Website
Becht Engineering provides comprehensive and technically excellent engineering consulting, end project and turnaround management services to the energy, industrial gas & chemical sectors worldwide.

BertholdVisit Website
The experts in measurement technology. Berthold Technologies is specialized in radiometric process measurements for 70 years.

BHI EnergyVisit Website
BHI Energy provides specialty welding and mechanical services to power, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial facilities, offering a full-service specialty approach.

Blasch Precision CeramicsVisit Website
Blasch’s patented ceramic innovations allows SRUs, FCCUs, TOX units, and Reformers to run longer campaigns with greater reliability while saving energy with lower emissions.

Carolina Filters, Inc.Visit Website
Carolina Filters is committed to meeting our customers’ daily filtration and cleaning challenges with the highest quality products, exemplary service, and unmatched technical support.

CG ThermalVisit Website
High-temperature gas and corrosion-resistant heat exchangers and storage vessels.

Chevron Lummus GlobalVisit Website
Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Lummus Technology, is a leading process technology licensor for refining hydroprocessing technologies and alternative source fuels, as well as a global leader in catalyst system supply. CLG offers the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel solution for upgrading heavy oil residues. Our research and development experts are continuously seeking advancements in technology and catalysts that will improve operating economics for your next project.

CIRCOR | DeltaValveVisit Website
DeltaValve® is a global leader in innovative solutions for the delayed coker, and manufactures a complete line of highly engineered industrial products. In addition to the world’s first fully automated coke drum bottom unheading valve, other products include top unheading valves, CenterFeed™ injection devices, in-line repairable isolation valves, hydraulics and controls, auto-switch coke cutting tools, top head blowout diverters, and other equipment for the delayed coker.

CIRCOR | TapcoEnpro Visit Website
For more than 50 years, TapcoEnpro has provided critical path Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) equipment and boasts a worldwide installed base of FCC valves, actuators, and hydraulic power units. This industry-wide trust stems from our ability to design and manufacture equipment rugged and reliable enough to withstand the harsh environments and processes of refining and petrochemicals. TapcoEnpro has always led the industry with new ideas and designs and holds more patents on FCC valves and associated equipment than our competitors combined.

Comprimo Visit Website
Comprimo is the sulphur technology business of Worley. Being the largest sulphur recovery and gas treating technology provider, Comprimo has designed, licensed and built, some of the world’s most significant gas treating and sulphur recovery plants. With our colleagues at Chemetics® and JESA, we cover all parts of the sulphur value chain. We remove sulphur from fossil fuels, recover it as elemental sulphur, transport it to sites, and transform it into sulphuric acid and fertilizer. Our resources and energy are focused on responding to and meeting the needs of our customers over the long term.

CORYS IncVisit Website
CORYS is the world’s largest independent supplier of dynamic simulation solutions to the Hydrocarbon Industry. CORYS has delivered more than 2,600 models in more than 60 countries.

CRANE ChemPharma & Energy Visit Website
CRANE ChemPharma & Energy designs and manufactures highly engineered products: check valves, sleeved plug valves, lined valves, process ball valves, high-performance butterfly valves, bellows sealed globe valves, aseptic and industrial diaphragm valves, multi / quarter-turn valves, instrumentation and sampling, actuation and controls, sight glasses, lined pipe, fittings and hoses, and air operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps.

Daily ThermetricsVisit Website
Daily Thermetrics is a full-service engineering/manufacturing specialist focused on temperature instrumentation systems. Founded in 1973, Daily has provided critical expertise for difficult applications in the DCU, FCC, and RHU, including the supply of global leading technologies in reactor multipoints.

Everlasting Valve CompanyVisit Website
Since 1906, Everlasting Valve Company has manufactured rotating disc valves and diverters for use in severe service applications for both abrasive slurries and dry abrasive materials. Our valves WEAR IN, NOT OUT©

FLEXIM Americas CorpVisit Website
As the technological leader in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement with ultrasound, FLEXIM continuously sets standards. Our clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems FLUXUS measure virtually anything that flows, liquids as well as gases.

FlowserveVisit Website
Flowserve pumps and hydraulic decoking equipment are designed for safety, reliability, and maintainability using the know-how that comes from industry-leading innovation and experience.

GSE Solutions Visit Website
Cost-effective operator training and plant simulation tools. Defined courses and performance measurement for your plant workforce, from anywhere.

IMI Remosa – IMI Z&J Visit Website
International leader of custom engineered high-temperature valves for the Iron & Steel, Petrochemical, and Refining industries.

Integrated Global Services  Visit Website
Integrated Global Services, Inc. (IGS) is an international provider of surface protection solutions for mission critical equipment. Our proprietary High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) alloy cladding solves corrosion and erosion problems in process vessels, towers and columns.

Intero Integrity Services  Visit Website
Intero Integrity Services is the world’s only inspection specialist to combine innovative technologies, critical insights, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced data management with a streamlined project approach.

Kennametal Conforma Clad Visit Website
Kennametal Conforma Clad™ offers UltraFlex™ Stellite™ 720 and carbide wear protection for critical refinery applications such as Coker fired heater return bends and many others.

MEA Inc Visit Website
MEA provides control systems and actuation solutions across several industrial sectors, including: oil refinery, power, steel, and pipelines.

MOGAS IndustriesVisit Website
MOGAS is the dominant severe service technology company, with isolation and control valve solutions and engineering services for applications such as delayed coking and catalytic cracking.

MRC GlobalVisit Website
MRC Global is the leading distributor of pipe, valve, and fitting products and services to the energy and industrial markets around the world.

Nalco WaterVisit Website
Nalco Water is a global leader in oil refining process treatments, fuel additives, petrochemical processes and water treatment – providing comprehensive sustainable solutions.  With an unmatched track record of world-class water and process excellence innovations, Nalco Water helps achieve optimal results in a safe and sustainable way. We identify gaps, activate change and provide personal guidance. Consider us a central partner for fueling your profitability and brand – today and tomorrow.

NelesVisit Website
Neles is a valve solutions provider for the Energy and Hydrocarbon industry with over 50 years of experience supplying automated on-off, control, ESD, severe service valves, and services.

PetroSkills RDC SolutionsVisit Website
We help companies in the oil and gas industry meet compliance and training demands with our industry-specific online learning solutions.

Refractory Construction ServiceVisit Website
RCS is a full service contractor, specializing in FCC’s, SRU’s, Heaters, and Boilers offering refractory, specialty welding, industrial coatings, scaffolding, light civil & abatement.

RuhrpumpenVisit Website
Coke cutting systems: Ruhrpumpen hydraulic decoking systems

SchuF FetterolfVisit Website
SchuF valves have stood for innovation and quality at the highest level for over 100 years. We invent, design, and manufacture custom valves. Examples include: Isolation, Switch, and Backpressure valves; Drain, Injection, Sampling Control, and Diverter valves; Line Blinds.

Stress Engineering ServicesVisit Website
Since 1972, Stress Engineering Services has been providing timely and cost-effective engineering solutions to improve plant & refinery efficiency, safety, and reliability.

TLV is a Steam Specialist company and industry leader providing steam solutions that lower total system cost, improve refining process performance, and extend equipment reliability.

TubacoatVisit Website
Tubacoat S.L., is a subsidiary company of the Tubacex Group devoted to engineering and industrial development of customized innovative coatings applied to long steel and nickel alloy products providing a longer life cycle to the refining petrochemical processing units.

ValvTechnologiesVisit Website
ValvTechnologies is the global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of zero-leakage, severe service isolation valve solutions. ValvTechnologies’ reliable valves are engineered for FCC/TSS/FSS isolation and coking/delayed coking switching and isolation applications.

VEGA AmericasVisit Website
VEGA Americas provides industry-leading products for measurement of level, density, weight, and pressure. A global corporation located in Cincinnati, Ohio, VEGA Americas combines manufacturing, distribution, and service for products that represent the most sophisticated process measurement technologies anywhere in the world.

Velan IncVisit Website
Velan is a world leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, triple-offset butterfly, knife gate, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications.

Voovio TechnologiesVisit Website
The first Knowledge Automation Platform to boost workforce efficiency. Voovio customers enhance asset availability by influencing workforce readiness and capacity. See a live demo and talk to us to find out how knowledge automation boosts workforce preparedness, plant productivity, asset availability and reduces the environmental footprint of your site.

Wood. – Visit Website
Wood is a global leader in consulting and engineering across energy and the built environment, helping to unlock solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges. We provide consulting, projects and operations solution in more than 60 countries, employing around 40,000 people.

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