Overcoming Operational Challenges in Sour Water Stripper Systems

Presented By

Ben Spooner - Amine Experts

Conference: Galveston 2020

Sour Water Strippers (SWS) are used primarily to remove NH3 and H2S from refinery wastewater streams. As with any industrial process, there are challenges to keeping a Sour Water Stripper (SWS) unit on-stream and on-specification between shutdown periods. These challenges can be grouped as:

  • Limiting fouling
  • Maintaining treated water ammonium (NH4+) and total sulphur specification
  • Managing corrosion
  • Limiting hydrocarbon content of the off-gas
  • Managing feed water quality

In our 20+ year history, Amine Experts has tested, optimized and spent time troubleshooting hundreds of sour water stripping systems around the world. In this paper we summarize key findings and case studies from each challenging area. This paper is the industry’s best reference guide to successful sour water stripper operation.

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