Optimal Temperature Monitoring System for Fatigue Damage Assessment of Coke Drums

Presented By

Dr. Marian Soare - Nuclear NDT Research & Services

Sorin Minea - Nuclear NDT Research & Services

Conference: Rotterdam 2019

In recent years, monitoring coke drums operation has proven to be an efficient aid in maintenance planning. In our paper presented at REFCOMM Valencia, we demonstrated the wealth of information provided by the temperature monitoring in a number of selected points on the surface of the coke drum.

In the present work, we improve the monitoring method by minimizing the number of thermocouples and determining an optimal distribution on the coke drum. This enables us to determine with a good precision and reduced costs the fatigue damage accumulation in the coke drum structure, focusing on the skirt welding area. In this way, a smaller number of thermocouples and a specialized software will provide the same information detail as a larger number of thermocouples, with obvious economic advantages.

By this optimized method, we envisage the development of a system to be used on a large scale, able to provide real-time fatigue damage assessment.

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