Digitalization to enable Operational Excellence for Sulfur System

Presented By

Christopher Joseph - Helium Consulting Private Ltd.

Conference: Galveston 2020

Digitalization is key to oil industries for optimizing cross-value-chain decisions to grow margins. Industry 4.0 provides a vision on how different players in the field of process industry will work in a more customer-driven, automated, flexible and efficient way for better throughput with enhanced visibility and management capabilities. Digitalization key enablers to help refiners accelerate to their goal of IT/OT convergence by facilitating seamless collaboration to more effective and achievable business goals thus attaining true operational excellence.

The case study explains how the digital enable refining process for a sulfur system helps to optimize the digital data to provide actionable insights. The Solution provides an Ecosystem for an integrated Sulphur Management System including both Sulphur generation and Sulphur recovery Unit including SRU, TGTU, Incinerator, ATU, and SWS.

This cutting-edge technology brings productivity, efficiency, and value to the next level a multitude of optimization capabilities specific to the SRU and associated units as well as IIoT capabilities. Most importantly, this shows how integrated Optimization Models, Soft Sensors, and Dashboarding technology can deliver real-time benefits to the Sulphur block. The implemented solution enables refiners to reduce energy, reduce emissions, stable operations and in the process also have the capability to process higher sulfur content crude by debottlenecking the Sulphur Recovery units, thus proving critical in maintaining both Environmental and Quality benchmarks.

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