Case Study – Don’t Scrap Your Old SRU, Rejuvenate It

Presented By

Scott Kafesjian - WOOD.

Conference: Galveston 2020

A US refinery was faced with the need for reliable backup sulfur recovery capacity. Their primary SRU had been operating for 14 years, but their redundant SRU was well past its design life and was experiencing reliability problems that not only jeopardized the units availability, but also increased personnel safety risks. The redundant SRU also suffered from operability issues and was plagued by low sulfur recovery efficiency due to an archaic flow scheme.

This presentation will review the approach taken by Wood to modernize the unit and improve safety, reliability, operability, and recovery efficiency of the redundant SRU, thereby providing the owner confidence that refinery throughput would not be compromised by a sulfur recovery unit outage.

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