Banana Effect on a Coke Drum

Presented By

Jalal Baig - Nayara Energy Ltd.

Conference: Mumbai 2019

Running DCU on a high throughput with a constricted cycle time ensures a happy evening managerial meet but we forget about a bigger fish to fry. The Coke Drums: Large bodily creatures going through a roller coaster of temperatures ranging from 480+ to as low as 40 degrees in a single cycle. Treating someone with such unforgiving parameters in an even more reduced decoking cycle program leads to Coke Drum Failure. Cracking, Bulging, Skirt cracking are the three different problems usually faced in a Coke Drum resulting due to uncontrolled high-temperature gradient operation. Most importantly all this kick starts with BANANA EFFECT. BANANA EFFECT: Contorting of Coke Drums due to speckled temperature profile resulting because of uneven rapid heating and cooling triggering the metallurgical property and mechanical stresses threshold limits of the drum. The Banana Effect may be grounded as an outcome of many factors cumulatively resulting in the contortion of the Drum mainly divided into 2 main categories: Process Disputes and Mechanical Problems. Mechanical Problems include – Construction of Drum, Metallurgy, Feed Entry Mechanism, Supports. Process Disputes – Crude Properties, Ineffective Channelling, Rapid Quenching, Terry Drum, Sludge Processing. This Paper will further discuss in detail about each problem, its causes and it’s an effective countermeasure to drive away from the Banana Effect.

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