A Reprise on “How to Operate an Amine Plant”

Presented By

Richard Quinnette - Independent Consultant

Conference: Galveston 2020

I’ve decided to give a Presentation to summarize this Landmark paper, given in the April 1966
edition of Hydrocarbon Processing, for a New Generation of Refinery Process Engineers. This
the presentation will discuss the original Author’s paper, including the following sections:

  • How the process works
  • How to eliminate operating problems in the following units:
    • Inlet scrubber
    •  Absorber
    • Stripper column
    •  Reboiler
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Solution Pump
    • Reclaimer
  • Additional operating suggestions
  • How to improve solution filtration
  • How to reduce amine losses
  • How to reduce corrosion
  • Analysis and Control of the Amine solution

I will also summarize the suggested process operating targets that are sprinkled throughout the
paper. Sometimes with the generational turnover that occurs throughout the industry the
basics of refinery processes are forgotten. This presentation works to ensure that the basics of
the amine process is not forgotten. I will also share some personal experiences in following
these targets on an actual process unit.

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