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  • in reply to: Tray Collapse #25024


    We have been going through off-line spalling so that we had a chance to open the manhole to see what has been going on inside the column.

    I have tried to post the image of collapsed tray but I couldn’t. If anyone leave his e-mail address,
    I would love to discuss more about this problem.

    Thank you.
    Speaking of corroson, we have inspected the metal corrosion however, there was no evidence of any corrosion issue.

  • in reply to: Injecting DMDS to coker heater #24666


    As far as i know, the decomposition temperature of DMDS is around 900’F(482),which means it will be broken down in the H2S. H2S can work as passivation to prevent catalytic coking.
    However, we already have lots of sulfur in the feed which can also work as passivation of metal surface.
    Are there any other concerns if you inject more DMDS?
    Would you give your e-mail address so that we can talk more in detail?

    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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