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  • in reply to: Heater Feed Flow Measurement #21352

    Claudio Carmona

    Sorry Evan, it was a misunderstanding.

    We actually have orifice plates measuring passes flow.

    Currently, we are performing a troubleshooting. When we have some results I will share them with you.

    Thanks for your help!

  • in reply to: Heater Feed Flow Measurement #21350

    Claudio Carmona

    Evan, thanks for replying

    Currently we have Wedge Meters, but taps are smaller than 2″. We’ll also check correct insulation.
    We have 4 flange taps, two for measurement and two for the FLI(co), and both pairs behave in the same way. So we estimate that we’re having some issues in the orifice plate.

    I’m also asking about feed lines aymmetry because we see that one pass meter fouls frecuently and the others remain in perfect conditions. Can symmetry have some impact on this?


  • in reply to: Average Antifoam Usage #21331

    Claudio Carmona


    As Evan mentioned, it is strictly necessary to know the curve of your AF injection pump and to monitore SI concentration in Nafta and LCGO. With all those measurements we discovered several years ago that we had AF carryover at the top of the drum. So, we changed the injection configuration and we drastically optimized AF dosage.

  • in reply to: Temperature drop between Furnace and Drums #21329

    Claudio Carmona


    Thanks for replying.

    Let me share some process data:
    – Piping diameter: 8″. Distance: about 50 m
    – COT= 491°C
    – Temp. measurement next to furnace and drum inlet

    That being said, we are seeing between 27 and 35 °F. Line is completely isolated and this temperature drop has been constant in the last 5 years. But I wanted to understand a little bit more the nature of this drop and to make like a benchmark with other refineries.

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