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XOM Beaumont Coker S/D fix cracked drums

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    basil parmesan

    Here is update on ExxonMobil 348 MBD Beaumont Refinery (8 drum) 45 MBD coker  – where another coke drum (No4) was forced down due to crack that requires repairs. (~Jan. 2011 news items) 
    There are 2 sets of 4 drum units (older one 26 MBD &  one installed in ~90’s @ 19MBD = for combined 45MBD total) operating at XOM Beaumont with the newest 4 drum unit being added 2 drums at time starting in ~1992 (by Brown & Root?). So I would expect No4 drum to be part of the older coking unit.
    COP technology was used on XOM’s Baytown & Baton Rouge cokers but I don’t have license info on who did XOM’s Beaumont cokers.
    According to my records they also have had coke drum crack in No5 in 2/21/08, and on No 7 coke drum in 9/15/09. And I don’t have drum number but there was also a S/D for crack developing on 5/22/09 as well. This seems like a lot problems for these coke drums?


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    Charles Randall

    I have it Confirmed from COP Tech that they did not License either of the XOM Beaumont cokers although they did do the XOM Baytown coker.
    Checking thru my older records I found the original Mobil Beaumont Coker in 1960 was licensed by Lummus and on thier list coker projects.
    Although not listed on the CBI-Lummus coker license list, I do have confirmation from reliable source that Lummus also licensed the later 1992 XOM Beaumont coker addition and designed its drums.

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