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    We have Wilson Snyder 12″ switch valve for our coker which operated manually now.  We wish to automate during an upgrade project.  There are two option (1) Hydraulic actuated and (2) Electric actuated for the wilson snyder switch valves.
    Does anyone have or know of any coker that has used the Electric actuators on the Wilson Snyder switch valves and how successfull was the actuator?

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    We have the hydralic MEA device, it had a few bugs in the beginning but is working fine now.

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    he has come up with a real neat design.

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    We have a reliable method of operating the Wilson Snyder Coker Switching Valve. If we can be of any assistance contact VAC Systems, Inc. 7201 Fairbanks North Houston Road, Houston, Texas 77040.
    Phone: 713-466-1855
    Fax: 713-466-0865

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    We can supply contact that have electrically operated Wilson Synder Switch Valve.

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