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What refineries are receiving the Heavy Oil?

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    Does anyone have a graphic or information concerning where in the Lower 48 the Heavy Canadian crude is going?  I have interest in the following:
    a.)  Once the Heavy Oil comes off of Enbridge’s main-line in the Chicago area, what refineries are utlizing it and how much by each?
    b.)  Enbridge’s Spearhead system delivers into Cushing.  After the Heavy Canadian gets to Cushing, where does it go from there?
    c.)  Where else in the Lower 48 is Heavy Crude being refined?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You can get the answer at following link but you need to do some work.

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    Dear Crude Oil Info Seeker,
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    Best Regards,
    Vinton Fry

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    I wonder if Chevron’s Mississippi plant is on that list yet?

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    One of the reasons Husky purchased the old BP Lima refinery from Valero was to eventually refine Heavy Crude from their Canadian Oil Sands facilities.

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