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WGC Dry Gas Seal Primary Vent DE,NDE flow interlock

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    In my unit WGC wet gas seals converted to Dry Gas Seal in a turn around opportunity. After that WGC DGS worked very fine upto few days and one day after shutdown WGC started and running in recycle mode, suddenly primary vent flows of DE, NDE sides increased due to some reason(may be flare header fluctuation), WGC tripped on Primary Vent DE,NDE flows high. After that interlock forced and WGC started and Vent flows are normal again but interlock not kept in service due to unspurious trip may occur. Please suggest the ways to keep the above mentioned trip in service. Any one also facing the same problem and ow did you overcome the problem and kept the trip in service. please help me.

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    I have not seen an interlock on vent flows. We piped the seal flows to a more constant pressure system (low line max pressure 3# to 5 #). While WGC was recycling, did the temperature increase on the discharge? We do have a S/D on temperature to prevent damage to the seals.

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