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    4 drums coker


       1. Determine coke/foam front detection
             1. How to better control Anti-foaming chemical injection to better control over carry.
                   1. -Gamma level indicators detect leading edge of foam.
                   2. -Gamma level reading also controls anti-foaming chemical injection
                   3. -Additional density gauge has been used to monitor carry over.
                   4. -People who have mixers find it is more effective


       1. – H2S Detectors
             1. Each operator carry one portable.
             2. Dispersion Analysis on detail engineering to locate fixed detectors over the   area
             3. Good Practice:  Procedure to identify which alarm is activated to determine escape route
             4. Beware location of detector to avoid spurious foil.
             5. Sound and visual signs over the unit to indicate detector activation
             6. Do not locate H2S detector close to the ground for avoiding damage.
       2. Emergency Egress  Route  (Coke Drum)
             1. Stairs (both sides)
             2. Elevator between structures and stairs
             3. egress route to safe area
             4. Route to fractionator
             5. Fire pole (short distance)
             6. Access from cutting deck to below deck.
             7. Fire proof walls, protected stairs (barriers protecting stairs)
             8. Emergency Route from Bottom Unheading device to air coolers
             9. Think on egress routes since BASIC design and plot plan decisions
            10. Training on routes
       3. Ergonomy
             1. 3-d Models- have been helping to avoid…
                   1. inaccessible valves and wheels
                   2. maintenance issues
       4. Chain used to move valves…
             1. do not use safety reasons
       5. Samplers:
             1. -Use septum sampler for benzene/ toxic sample points
             2. -Do not use piping/buy/ project samplings skid/better experience


       1. Accelerated Heater fouling
             1. – Increasing XSO2 can lower coking
             2. – Check Na and Ca levels for changes
       2. Preheat Exchanger Fouling
             1. – Check velocity with fluctuations in flow issues
             2. – Ensure pump seals are not leaking O2
       3. Foam Carryover
             1. – Drum top or Vapor Line density monitor to alarm for foam


       1. Operations Problems
             1. No problems reported
                   1. Steam > would like less leakage
             2. Operator must be present to close lock out pin
             3. Drum has moved unheader horizontally out of line how can this be restored
                   1. Its not the valve problem, there are other sources that are moving it.
             4. How to restore control if power lost
                   1. Have backup power
             5. What is the useful life of internal components
                   1. Bodies indefinite life gates and seats change at 7 years
       2. Coke inlet line past experiences and suggestions
             1. Use quench water during drilling to clean

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