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water & Coke fines material

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    Freddy Martinez

    I want to use a centrifugal  pump for water + Coke fines. The max particle size is 14mm. The pump should be vertical submerged in water and motor should be above ground.
    what metallurgy should be used for pump casing , impeller and shaft. can any one please suggest who manufactures these type of pumps.

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    Hello, my name is Nick Sirois and I am an application/sales engineer for Lawrence Pumps, Inc. At LPI we engineer centrifugal pumps for abrasvie services and the information you have provided falls right in our are of expertise. We regularly manufacture vertical cantilever, line shaft bearing, and submersible pumps for water/coke fine applications such as the Maze Sump in a coker. If you would like to contact me to discuss this application in more detail I would be glad to make myself available. You can reeach me at or (978) 722-6296.

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