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    Freddy Martinez

    My Plant had some trouble related CHGO CCR wt%
    I had shut down plant & find problem.
    that reason is fouling of #1~4 Tray
    I think wash oil is so little, that make dry tray & fouling.
    so I have to decide How much wash oil is reasonable.
    Is there any criteria or calculation tool ? It there are that tools or criteria, would you let me know.

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    coker fractionator with tray in the wash zone and P1 tray below wash section, bring this problem (old design) this area should always keep a lower temperature to 730 F; loss of flow or low flow in this section like you say are going to coke up from the wash zone to the shed tray section, a rule can be maintain a minimum flow of 3 to 4 gpm per inch of weir

    the other method is that you can simulate this section (program simulation) and calculate the flow such that at least 30% of the flow remains liquid (leaving the plate P1), because once that tray are dry and again to get wet again the HCGO vaporizes and begins to coke up

    Best Regrads

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    Claus Graf

    You might find this article helpful:


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