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WABT in Hydrocraker unit

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    abu sara

    Hi Dears,
    We have Hydrocraker unit two stages. The feed to this unit vacuum gas oil and heavy Coker gas oil . I need the calculation to calculate WABT between start of run and end of run .The WABT at SOR 370 deg.c when I can change the WABT based in which parameters?

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    Mike Kimbrell

    This is a question for your hydroprocessing catalyst vendor.

    If you are asking about delaying the introduction of cracked feed (Coker HCGO or FCC LCO) into the unit after start up, my history has been that a delay of 48 hours was recommended before adding cracked feeds to prevent the very active catalyst sites in the fresh catalyst from coking up prematurely. After the 48 hours, the cracked feeds could be introduced. Adding them in slowly over the next day or so limited the exotherm in the catalyst again to limit coke laydown on the catalyst. Again, this is something your catalyst vendor should recommend.

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    abu sara

    Dear Mr.Mike
    Sure after start up the cracked feed should be introduce after 72hours .My question when we can change the WABT based in which parameters I need to focus like conversion….etc.

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