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Visbreaker and FCC naphtha cracking in a riser?

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    Mrityunjay Singh

    I saw an analysis of a visbreaker naphtha that said it is 15% olefins with the balance saturates? Is it even worth it to inject this into a riser given that only 15% of the naphtha can be easily cracked?

    How much of an FCC naphtha is olefinic?

    Daniel Longstaff
    Science Specialist at Saudi Aramco

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    Paul Orlowski

    If you have naphtha columns, remove the benzene and toluene fractions, recycle the rest of light stuff. Chris Dean knows this stuff. Ask him. I know he “retired” but assume he still replies to emails.

    Michael Edwards
    FCC Expert for Reliance Industries

    Daniel, places inject FCC naphtha for recracking and in other locations in the world Coker Naphtha is inject for cracking. The amount of cracking will depend upon severity, and type of catalyst. There are primary and secondary effects of naphtha injection into the FCC Riser for cracking. There is the cracking of the naphtha plus the heat balance impact. The data I have seen shows a substantial increase in the C/O and other benefits beyond the cracking of the naphtha itself.

    So simplistically, stating cracking of a naphtha in the riser depends upon the market economics. The yield profile has to be viewed on the total feed / riser effluent basis to determine the change in the profitability profile.

    Mel Larson
    Principal Consultant at KBC Advanced Technologies


    The individual hydrocarbon component analyses of a given stream will provide helpful cracking guidelines. PIONA analyses of lighter streams like naphthas are quite common in most refineries. The previous comments by Michael and Mel can be evaluated more quantitatively by FCC models with better data inputs.

    William Reagan
    Retired, Refining Technology

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