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Venezuelan Oil Refinery Partially Shuts Down Due to Outage

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    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) October 19, 2007 — Venezuela’s Cardon oil refinery, one of the country’s largest, was partially shut down due an electrical outage early Friday, the state oil company said.
    The outage caused no damage, and backup inventory is allowing fuel shipments to continue uninterrupted, Petroleos de Venezuela SA, known as PDVSA, said in a statement.
    “PDVSA guarantees the supply of fuel to national and international markets,” the company said. “Sufficient inventory of products exists in the fuel distribution systems and storage tanks.”
    The Cardon refinery is part of the Paraguana Refining Complex, which processes about 900,000 barrels of crude and 200,000 barrels of gasoline a day. Venezuela is the world’s eighth largest exporter of crude oil.

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    Charles Randall

    You have to appreciate irony of this with all the Chavez offers to other countries & arrogance in the “expertise” of PDVSA Refining operation that has been lost / erroded under government political types compared to technical compentence under Luis Gusti era.  Seems PDVSA just cannot keep it’s refinery up and operating these days – here are news items on shutdowns at Cardon and El Palito Refineries and growing lines at Venezuelan gasoline pumps.
    I have been watching the signs of operational train wrecks coming, from tracking the large change in number the of refinery accidents, fires, injuries & deaths over the last 3 years. This type of domestic supply problem is to going to escalate given the recent expulsion of Expats & purge of anyone not a Chavez supporter from the PDVSA ranks.

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