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Valero's St. Charles Refinery to change MSCCU to Riser Cat

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    Can anyone comment on Valero St. Charles Refinery changing it’s MSCCU to a Riser Cat?  Just heard this the other day and wondered why Valero is abandoning the MSCCU process?

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    The MSCCU is a flawed design, too many circulation problems, too many slide valves, too many erosion issues. It may be only this particular unit.

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    The MSCCU is more like a 4 second MSCCU.  Yields are not what were promissed.  Too many slide valves and this particular MSCCU has an old Regenerator after the Disengager.  Poor design at best.  Should be one heck of a turnaround project to convert this unit.  Seems unlikely that Valero would move ahead with a capital investment of this magnitude at this time.  But one never knows…

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    Previous posters were sort-of right. The current MSCCU carries over an average of 20 tons of catalyst into its scrubber system every day, instead of the typical 3-4 tons. The current design, with its external cyclones and “cyclone separator” vessel just does not work. Conversion rate is low (72-75%), dP across slide valves is very high due to the height of the unit, and there isn’t enough residence time. Because of the high erosion in the system, refractory reliability is low and has brought us down numerous times due to hot spots that can no longer be controlled externally. Slide valves get severely damaged (beyond anything any of the manufacturers have ever seen) and the overall reliability of this unit just stinks. It keeps us very busy and we will all be extremely glad to see this thing go. Valero is still doing well, especially St. Charles, and it really is no surprise to us that Corporate is doing this revamp now.

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    oh i sorry ,i can’t help you

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    All I know is Valero St Charles has asserted itself as a great facility. The operators there (prior to 2003) have seen it all and in the end the place is better for it! I’m proud to call Valero St Charles my company! For anyone wondering who I am all I will say is I’m the best looking operator in the plant!

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