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Valero selects ExxonMobil FCC Scrubbing Technology

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    Charles Randall

    Valero selects ExxonMobil’s scrubbing technology
    12th October 2007  By Staff Writer
    ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company and thermal equipment provider Hamon Research-Cottrell have announced that refinery operator Valero Energy has selected ExxonMobil’s Wet Gas Scrubbing Plus technology for its Memphis, Tennessee and Delaware City, Delaware refineries.
    At the Memphis refinery, the technology was selected as part of an overall emissions reduction project on the 60,000 barrel per day Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU). Hamon Research-Cottrell (HRC) is engineering and supplying an expanded Wet Gas Scrubber which significantly reduces sulfur and particulate emissions. As part of this project, HRC is also supplying ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) Wet Gas Scrubbing Plus (WGS+) technology to significantly reduce NOx emissions.
    At the Delaware City Refinery, the WGS+ technology is being engineered and supplied for a 60,000 barrel per day FCCU, which has an existing scrubber used for the removal of sulfur and particulate matter. Here, WGS+ technology will significantly reduce NOx emissions as well.
    Wet Gas Scrubbing Plus technology, developed and commercialized by EMRE, is used to reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions from FCCUs. This technology can easily be retrofit on EMRE WGS units or other FCCU scrubbers.

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    Good move on Valero’s part.  The Exxon Wet Gas Scrubber is an excellent piece of environmental equipment.  I have operated 2 of them and can say that this equipment really out performs it’s competition.  Two things to remember when operating a Exxon WGS, 1) keep the circulating pump suction strainers clean and 2) dont forget to was the glitsh grid.  Other than that they are basicially trouble free.
    Dale Douglas
    West Plant Superintendent
    Murphy Oil USA

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    I suppose now that Valero is trying to sell off Memphis and Krotz Springs, that project will go ahead with the rest of the sites on that list

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