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Valero moves drums across ther river.

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    Freddy Martinez

    Move of Valero refinery units will hamper River Road traffic flow in Norco next week
    by The Times-Picayune

    Thursday July 02, 2009, 3:53 PM

    The Valero St. Charles Refinery will move four large refinery units across River Road in Norco, causing intermittent closures over a three-day period starting Tuesday.


    Coke drums tower over the Mississippi River levee as Heather and Matt Ory ride with Heather’s son Dylan Book, 11, Thursday, July 2, 2009 in Destrehan. The drums will be moved over the levee to the Valero Refinery in Norco next week.

    The crossings will take about an hour for each drum, which weigh 450 tons apiece. The drums will replace older ones during a maintenance shutdown at the refinery scheduled for the end of the year.
    The crossings will take place between Prospect Avenue and Wesco Road. Airline Drive may be used as an alternate route for the transport.

    The 123-foot-long drums are containers that heat petroleum coke, a coal-like substance, to high temperatures in order to extract lighter petroleum products in a process called “thermal cracking.”
    The drums, which were shipped in on barges, have been parked near the Mississippi River batture near Ormond Boulevard. They had been scheduled to be brought ashore in May, but high water in the river postponed the move, Valero spokeswoman Taryn Miller said

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    Two of the drums have crossed the river, but the river level has dropped and the other two will have to wait for the level to rise.

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