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Valero may sell Krotz Springs, Memphis & Aruba Refineries by year end

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    Charles Randall

    In Krotz Springs, Valero may sell refinery
    Advocate business staff report

  • Published: Mar 12, 2008 – UPDATED: 2 p.m.

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  • San Antonio-based Valero Energy Corp. is close to selling its Krotz Springs refinery, as well as refineries in Aruba and Memphis, Tenn., chief executive Bill Klesse said at the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association meeting.
    Klesse told the Reuters news agency his company has received interest from potential buyers for plants in Ardmore, Okla., and Paulsboro, N.J. Klesse did not say who the potential buyers are for any of the plants.
    However, the Krotz Springs, Aruba and Memphis refineries likely will be sold by the end of the year, Klesse said.
    With a capacity of 80,000 barrels a day, Valero’s Krotz Springs facility is the 75th largest refinery in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

    <CER – wonder if this is O’Malleys new JV Petroplus-Blackstone/First Reserve group making the purchase?>Regards

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    Any word out there on who the potential buyers might be?  I heard Passadena Refining is looking at the Aruba facility.

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    I have heard that the Memphis plant has already been spun off and goes by the name Memphis Refining LLC.

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