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Valero Delaware Refinery Fluid Coker malfunction/flaring

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    Charles Randall

    <Update on Valero Delaware Refinery Fluid Coker ….. might be easier to report on when fluid coker &/or power plant GE/Texaco gasifier actually operate normally at this point. (See News post July2008 on how it took entire Valero 2Q08 profit down 67%!)- CER>
    DELAWARE: Refinery flare not a hazard, Valero says

    By ROBIN BROWN . The News Journal . August 12, 2008
    An unusual flame burning Sunday and Monday at Valero’s Delaware City refinery will continue today, company officials say, as a safety measure after an equipment malfunction.

    The flare — reported by News Journal readers to be visible for miles — will burn intermittently until ongoing repairs to a malfunctioning coker are complete, Valero spokesman Bill Day said in a telephone interview Monday night from the company’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

    “There is no expected impact to the environment or the community … no hazard,” Day said. The flare has been reported to the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, he added. But as for when the flare will end, Day said, “we don’t have a specific timetable.”
    Valero has repair plan
    “Repairs are underway and we have a plan,” he said, “But we really can’t nail down when repairs will be complete.” The flare began about 4 p.m. Sunday and continued Monday after what Day described as a “minor issue” in the coker.

    The coker “is a unit that can process heavy grades of crude oil and put them under high temperatures and pressures, and process them into clean-burning fuels like gasoline and diesel,” Day said. “With the upset of the coker, as a safety measure, products that can’t be processed further go to the flare and are burned off.”

    Failure to burn unprocessed material in a flare could create hazardous conditions in the coker, he said.
    The flame or flare may be seen atop a structure that looks like a derrick on top of large, silo-like drums.

    Valero regrets having to use the flare, he said, “but it is a safety measure.” Because of proprietary information about the refinery’s operation, Day said he could not give details of the problem beyond saying the malfunction occurred in a part of the coker called a wet gas compressor.

    The malfunction is not expected “to have a material impact on production,” he said. Although he said he understands neighbors’ alarm and concern at seeing an unusually large flare, Day said, “This is actually not anything that out of the ordinary.”


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    Wonder what Valero is hiding?  Propriety around their Coker Wet Gas Compressor?  Hardly….

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    Luis Castaneda

    Dear Sir,
    could you tell me please what are the operating conditions (P, T) of coker, heater and gasifier for flexicoking?. How different is the heater in flexi compared to fluid coking process?
    Thank you for you answer

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    The flame or flare may be seen atop a structure that looks like a derrick on top of large, silo-like drums.

    Surely this is not right. Nobody would mount a flare tip on top of their Coker structure would they?

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