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Valero announces refinery maintenance schedule

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    Charles Randall

    Tuesday August 1, 6:08 pm ET

    Valero Energy Corp. has planned turnaround and maintenance activities at several of its refineries for the remainder of 2006.
    Beginning last month, the No. 1 coker at the Aruba refinery with a capacity of 33,000 barrels per day (bpd) has been shut down for approximately 46 days. Also at the Aruba facility, the No. 7 crude unit, with a 110,000 bpd capacity, is down for 28 days and the gas oil hydrotreater, with a 58,000 bpd capacity, will remain down for 35 days.
    At the Lima, Ohio, refinery, a 40,000 bpd fluid catalytic-cracking unit (FCCU) will be down for 31 days and a 23,000 bpd coker unit will be down for 21 days starting in September. In Houston, a 65,000 bpd FCCU will be down for 28 days in October.
    Valero does not announce exact start or completion dates for its maintenance activities planned during the year.

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    Is this significant, for the market or for VLO?

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    Just smart business as usual for the VLO group.  Taking T/A during slack time between the end of the gasoline season & before the diesel season kicks off is just good planning – especially when crude prices are too high and could slide with the gasoline prices.  Also if prices do slide – delaying putting fuel oil into tanks for winter season would let them run longer on cheap crude if it stays warm longer in the first part of the season as it did last year.

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