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Use of a belt or pipe conveyor for coke

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    Freddy Martinez

    I like to get practical experience from the selection and use of a belt or pipe conveyor  for coke, which is better? Greetings Rafael

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    from the environmental standpoint conveyor pipe is better, but it is a system that needs more attention than the flat conveyor as it is susceptible to spin on his lapel, which can create problems at the top of the tape, this pipe conveyor  is affected in the curves due to the centripetal force

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    Claus Graf

    In a plant I worked a few years ago we had both.
    The flat conveyor was used to move coke from the pit to the storage area.
    From the storage area to the shiploader dock (about a mile away form the shoreline) we had the pipe conveyor to prevent/minimize coke from falling in the water.

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