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Update Tesoro Fluid Coker Mod to Delayed coker Record time

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    Charles Randall

    Tesoro Refinery Project Completed in Record Time Under National . Maintenance Agreement

    Maintenance Agreement 10/04/2008 17:30:00 Business Wire US2124851062 A massive conversion of the Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery in Northern California recently finished, making it the fastest refinery modification project ever completed with a project timeline of just 19 months.
    Completed under a National Maintenance Agreement (NMA) by Cherne Contracting Corporation and members of all 14 affiliated trades, not only was the refinery finished in record time with a whopping 2.4 million man-hours, the project was the safest completed in recent history with zero reportable on-the-job injuries.
    The Golden Eagle Refinery processes 166 thousand barrels of crude oil each day.
    Modification of the refinery from a fluid unit to a four-drum delayed coker will let the site process diesel, creating new jobs and producing more environmentally friendly fuel.
    Such a project required immense skill, solid training and coordinated communication from all the trades that worked on the 2,300-acre site.
    “We use the NMA because it encompasses all crafts, and it s a national agreement that s accepted locally,” said Tom Van Oss, vice president of operations at Cherne Contracting Corporation.
    “The NMA has been a real benefit to the jobsite, craftsmen and to Cherne.
    The response we got from using the NMA was tremendous out here.” The National Maintenance Agreement is designed to provide clients unbeatable productivity and unparalleled safety.
    “A safe job is a productive job.  People aren’t hurt.  They re at work and more productive. You give them the tools, the equipment, the information and you plan safety into the work.
    You cut them loose and they ll take care of business for you,” explained Van Oss.
    The Golden Eagle project was demanding both in terms of its accelerated timeline for completion and the sophisticated work that was required.
    The NMA provides world-class productivity and safety for jobs like this by combining skilled workers from members of 14 participating international building trades unions to provide a dependable workforce that can handle the most complicated, demanding construction projects in the country.
    For more information about NMAPC, visit
    To watch a video on this story, go to, click on previous spotlights, and select edition 1. 

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    Charles Randall

    Update on Tesoro Fluid Coker modification to Delayed 4 drum coker in record project time = 19 months.

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