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Update – Sinopec Anqing Petchem expects to enter 45-day turnaround in Feb’12

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    basil parmesan

    Sinopec Anqing Petchem expects to enter 45-day turnaround in Feb’12
    Aug 30, 2011 16:20 PM
    C1 Energy (Shanghai) – Aug 30, 2011 Sinopec Anqing Petrochemical plans to halt operation for a 45-day turnaround on Feb 14, 2012, a source with the refinery said.
    “The turnaround will be two months later than scheduled, because there are many preparations to make”, the source added.
    Anqing Petrochemical is expected to bring on stream a 5-mil-mt/yr crude distillation unit and close an aged 1.5-mil-mt/yr one in December 2012, according to C1’s record. Its topping capacity will reach 9-mil mt per year then.
    Located in Anqing City of Central China’s Anhui Province, Anqing Petrochemical has a topping capacity of 5.5-mil mt per year at present. Its oil products are mainly for the supply of Anhui and nearby Jiangxi markets.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on Sinopec Anqing Coking refinery expansion which will add +60MBD capacity and bring total to 160MBD (9 MM mtpy). This update mentions the replacement of existing older 1.5MM mtpy crude unit with new 5 MM mtpy crude unit by Dec 2012 (originally Sep 2012) and taking Feb 2012 45 day T/A (also 2 months later than original).

    The $1.5 Billion (10 billian yuan) expansion at Anqing is expected to add 10 new units including a 40 MBD FCC, 44 MBD diesel HDS, 20 MBD Reformer, and Siemens Wastewater system and environmental units to cut emissions by ~ 39%.

    Nearly 60% plants crude source has been from Shandong province where Sinopec operates Shengi field (China’s 2nd largest). But both Anqing & Gaoqiao are tied to new pipeline bringing in crude from Ningbo.

    Both Anqing & Gaoqiao coking refineries made anode grade green petcoke but were on my list for lost anode producers and Gaoqiao has already made switch to making higher sulfur petcoke (note listed as fuel but sold as anode blend coke). Anqing has also become a fuel/hi sulfur anode blend coke. The Gaoqiao coking refinery (two 2-drum units) also replaced older crude unit (had 15% expansion) & added 66 MBD capacity to total 266 MBD, and other new units in its 3 month T/A in August 2010. It now has 2 coking units (replaced older batch coker Dubbs type?).

    Anqing currently has a 4 drum coker (two 2-drum units tied together) and may be replacing one older 2 drum units (~1998) or adding 2nd coking unit during expansion work.

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