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Update – PetroPeru awards contract Talara Refinery Coker & Upgrade

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    basil parmesan

    Peru awards contract for Talara refinery upgrade
    Lima, 14 December, 2009 (Argus) Peru’s state-controlled oil company PetroPeru awarded the engineering and procurement contract for expansion and upgrading work on its Talara refinery to Spain’s Tecnicas Reunidas.
    Talara refines 32pc of Peru’s oil and is the country’s second most important refinery after Spanish firm Repsol-YPF’s 100,000 b/d La Pampilla refinery in Lima.
    The new contract clears the way for construction to begin after technical concerns and a political scandal that led to the resignation of PetroPeru’s president and the nation’s energy minister bogged down the project. Plans for Talara include boosting capacity to 95,000 b/d, up from its current 65,000 b/d, and producing cleaner diesel.
    Peru passed legislation requiring the sulfur content in diesel be reduced to 50ppm, down from 3,000ppm, in Lima and the neighboring port of Callao. The two cities account for roughly a third of Peru’s 28mn inhabitants and more than half the country’s vehicle fleet. The reduced sulfur level will be rolled out nationally over the next decade.
    Talara’s expansion and upgrades will not be complete until 2015, according to Lino Cerna, the project manager. But according to Pedro Mendez, a technical advisor on the project, PetroPeru will meet the 50 ppm target as work progresses by purchasing condensates from Pluspetrol that will allow us to produce cleaner diesel.
    This will be complemented with imports, he said.
    Tecnicas Reunidas outbid two consortiums to upgrade Talara, which is located 735miles north of Lima. US-based ABSG Consulting won a tender last month to supervise the $1.2bn project.
    We expect to complete the review of the agreements within 45 to 60 days so contracts can be signed in March 2010, Cerna said. Work can get underway immediately after that.
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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on the PetroPeru Talara Refinery Modernziation Project (adds coker) from Argus Petroleum folks.
    I looked in my Coker summary on this project & had two articles this year that mentioned the new coker here is the one from PetroPeru site that shows Refinery diagram with coker unit & others added:
    Source: web @
    CER  9/16/2008 –  cached PRMT website
    PMRT Talara Refinery Modernization Project – has diagram that shows new coker unit.

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    Charles Randall

    I just got information from two of  my industry contacts that the PetroPeru coker will be a Flexicoker by ExxonMobil similar to the one installed at Hellenic Refinery in Greece which should complete next year.

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