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Update-OGJ Giant Alaska N.Slope Oil Field

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    basil parmesan

    Here is link to OGJ Jan 2010 article (if you have membership) that is Update on Giant Alaska North Slope Oil Field:
    It should get you steamed because …. It is real reason Environmentalist have been pushing get the Polar Bear declared “Endangered Species” (even though its had 500% population growth in last 10 years) and move to block development of Alaskan wilderness as well as pulling plug on offshore US drilling. They dont want US developing its huge Nat resources.
    Umiat has light crude ~37API,& it already has an environmental footprint – where the Navy used its crude/light oils to fuel Air Base, it’s “remote” but only 92 miles from the Trans Alaska Pipeline and also close the Alaska Strategic Reserve.
    And they have already drilled 12 wells (that all hit oil) in a field reserves estimated at 1 Billion BBLs and now they could also use all new oil technology like horizontal drilling to increase efficiency/reduce footprint on its development! 
    So now you know……..once again its not nearly pro-environment as much as anti-oil industry that drives these liberal groups who put US at risk, keep us importing & prices going up.

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