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    US Refinery Status: Conoco’s Ponca City Refinery In Turnaroun
    DOW JONES NEWSWIRES October 16, 2009

    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.
    ConocoPhillips (COP) said Thursday that its 198,400-barrel-a-day refinery in Ponca City, Okla., is undergoing planned maintenance.
    Flint Hills Resources said Thursday that it plans to shut Sat Gas Unit No. 1 at the west plant of its Corpus Christi, Texas, refinery for “needed maintenance activities.”

    Operator Refinery Capacity Description Restart
    (in 000s



    Suncor Alberta One of two oil sands up- n/a
    graders is operating at re-
    duced rates following a
    minor fire on Oct 12.

    Suncor Sarnia 85.0 Hydrocracker unit shut Oct n/a
    Ontario 11 due to fire at associated
    compressor; no restart esti-
    mate available.


    Conoco Linden, NJ 238.0 Officials consider run cuts n/a
    due to slack demand, a per-
    son familiar with operations
    said on July 17.



    BP Texas City 455.8 Aromatics Recovery Unit in A Oct 14
    TX side of plante restarted on
    Oct 14.
    Leak discovered Oct 10 at heat n/a
    exchanger at FCCU3 which was in
    propane/propylene service at
    the time. Impact on production

    Citgo Corpus 163.0 Alkylation unit shut July 19 end-Oct
    Christi, TX by near-fatal explosion to
    return to service by end-Oct.
    The restart was delayed from
    early-Oct due to safety issues.
    FCCU No. 1 and 2 experience snag
    when the regenerator temperature
    dropped; lasted 18 minutes Oct. 8.

    Delek Tyler, Tx 60.0 FCCU in restart Oct 14; unit taken Oct 14
    taken out of service Oct 13 due to
    unexpected operational changes.

    Exxon Baytown 572.5 Hydrocracker Unit 1 up and running Oct 12
    TX the Co. said on Oct 12. The unit was
    shut on Oct 9 to facilitate compres-
    sor repairs; associated units ran at
    reduced rates during the repair time.

    Motiva Norco 236.4 Reformer back at planned rates Oct 12
    LA Oct 12 after shutting down Oct 7
    for compressor repairs.

    Valero Corpus 142.0 West Plant Hydrocracker unit n/a
    Tx shut Oct. 7 due to small,
    brief fire. No restart esti-
    mate. An SMR unit was shut
    for maintenance after the
    fire; restart Oct. 10.
    Restarting East Plant’s Tank 79
    on Oct. 9.

    Total Port Arthur 232.0 A fire occurred in a heavy oil n/a
    TX line between the crude unit and
    the tank farm on Oct 13 during
    the restart of several process
    units that were knocked off-line
    earlier that day by a power snag.
    The impact of the fire on opera-
    tions is unclear.
    Powerstation cogen turbine
    reduced to its “lowest
    firing rate” Oct. 8 due to
    leaky exchanger; nitrogen
    oxide steam taken out of




    Chevron El Segundo 274.0 A brief period of flaring n/a
    CA on Oct 14 is reported to
    state regulators. Filing
    lists cause as “breakdown.”

    Exxon Torrance, CA 149.5 Restarted two unnamed units Oct 6
    Oct. 6 that were
    unexpectedly shut Oct. 3.

    Tesoro Wilmington 96.8 Refinery returning to normal Oct 14
    CA operations Oct 14 after power
    snag upsets several process
    Expects to restart coking Mid-Oct
    unit at full rates mid-Oct
    that was shut due to a fire
    Sept. 25.




    Valero Aruba 235.0 The refinery that was shut
    in June for 2-3 months for
    economic reasons is being
    closed indefinitely.


    Sunoco Westville, NJ 145.0 Idling all refining Mid-Nov
    operations indefinitely due
    to poor economics, Co. said
    Oct. 6. It will take 4-6
    weeks to work through crude
    stocks to shut down.

    Sunoco Philadelphia, 340.0 FCCU at Girard Point in re- Sep 14
    PA start Sep 14 following about
    five weeks of turnaround

    Reformer unit shut in Girard n/a
    Point section in early Oct
    for economic reasons. Shutdown
    to last 1-6 months.

    Valero Delaware City 210.0 Coker Unit shut Oct 3-4 and n/a
    DE related gasifier unit to shut
    within a few days for economic
    Maintenance at 80,000-b/d
    FCCU delayed to Nov./Dec.

    Western Yorktown 64.5 Planned work scheduled 1Q 2010.


    Conoco Borger, TX 146.0 Unidentified units shut for
    planned turnaround, Co. said
    Oct. 9. No further details.
    Shut amine unit for planned Oct. 24
    maintenance Oct. 9-24.

    Total Port Arthur,TX 232.0 Shut unit 821 for maintenance Oct. 13
    from Oct. 9-13.

    Alon Krotz Springs 80.0 Plantwide turnaround starts Jan.
    LA. Jan. 1 to last 21 days. 21/22

    BP Texas City, TX 467.0 Ultraformer No. 4, Ultra- Early
    cracker unit and Aromatics Oct.
    recovery unit shut for planned
    seasonal turnaround mainte-
    nance starting on Sept. 2;
    restart seen in 4-5 weeks.
    Shut Power Station No. 4 Oct. 14
    Boiler, B-430 for planned
    work starting Oct. 7.

    Chevron Pascagoula, 330.0 Pre-commercial heavy oil 2010
    Miss. conversion project delayed
    from 2008 to 2010 due to
    economic factors.

    Conoco Sweeny, TX 247.0 Six weeks of turnaround work Oct 30
    starts Sept. 14 at Units 14,
    9, 38 and 27, which is an

    Tail gas incinerator shut during Nov. 1
    fall turnaround Sept. 30

    Exxon Baytown 572.5 FCCU No. 3 shut Sep 15. for
    TX planned maintenance.

    Flint Corpus 288.1 $250 mln project for new Spr
    Hills Christi, TX diesel desulfurization, 2010
    sulfur recovery unit to begin
    in Fall 2008. Construction
    to last 18 months.
    Shut Sat Gas Unit No. 1 at the
    west plant for work on Oct. 15.

    Marathon Garyville 245.0 Project to increase crude oil 4Q
    LA refining capacity by 180,000- 2009
    b/d 85% complete, as of end
    April. New units expected
    start up in 4Q 2009.

    Motiva Port Arthur 285.0 Expansion project to increase 1Q

    TX throughput capacity by 325,000 2012
    b/d, to 610,000-b/d, slowed.
    Completion now seen 1Q
    2012, from 2010.

    Shell Deer Park, 340.0 Hydroprocessing unit, cata- Oct 24
    lytic cracker unit and alky-
    lation shut between Oct 1 and
    Oct 24 for fall turnaround

    Total Port Arthur 232.0 Shut unit 805 for Oct. 8
    maintenance on Oct. 5.
    Shut unit 810 for work Sept.22
    Unit 822 restarted Sept. 29
    Restarted 837 Oct. 1

    Valero Corpus 340.0 Coker unit shutdown for econo- n/a
    Christi, TX mic reasons and planned work;
    delayed to June 19 from June
    12. The 20,000-b/d unit will
    remain off line through July
    but could restart at any time
    if margins improve.

    20,000-b/d FCCU in East n/a
    Plant shut; West Plant
    50,000-b/d FCCU at reduced
    rates since mid-Dec for
    economic reasons.

    Valero Norco, LA 250.0 Upgrade project to build 2012
    a new diesel hydrotreater
    unit moved from 2010 to
    4Q 2012.

    Turnaround at coker unit 1Q
    delayed until 1Q 2010
    from 4Q 2009.
    The coker will operate at
    50% of capacity when
    restarted due to poor

    Valero Port Arthur 325.0 77,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a
    TX rates since mid-Dec for
    economic reasons.

    Valero Sunray, TX 170.0 55,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a
    rates since mid-Dec for
    economic reasons.

    Valero Three Rivers 95.0 Plant-wide 24-day turnaround Oct. 2
    TX began Sep 9. Restart seen
    around Oct. 2.
    24,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a
    rates since mid-Dec for
    economic reasons.

    Western El Paso 122.0 Planned work scheduled for 1Q
    TX 2010.

    Alon Big Spring 67.0 Adding a new ultra low sulfur
    TX gasoline unit; no timeline when
    unit will be operational


    Conoco Roxana 306.0 Planned maintenance about to begin,
    Ill co said Sept. 22.

    Conoco Ponca City, 198.4 The refinery is undergoing a
    OK planned turnaround; Co. said
    Oct. 15. No details provided.

    Frontier El Dorado 130.0 FCCU and hydrotreater (gofiner) Nov
    KS will be shut in Oct for turn-
    around maintenance that takes
    place every four years. Crude
    throughput cut to 58,000-b/d
    during work.

    Frontier Cheyenne 48.0 Refinery will process 44,250
    barrels of crude oil through Oct,
    Oct, up from 40,200 b/d in Sep.

    Husky Lima 146.2 70% refinery goes down for Mid-Nov.
    OH planned worked Oct. 1

    Marathon Detroit, MI 102.0 Co pushes back finish date Late
    for heavy oil project. 2012

    Sunoco Toledo, OH 160.0 Planned work to last from Early Oct.
    early Aug to mid-Sep. Co. said
    Oct. 1 work finished.

    Valero Memphis, TN 195.0 FCCU upgrade originally slated 2012
    for completion in 2009 has been
    shifted to 2012.


    Conoco Billings, 61.0 On Mar 5 the co delayed for Jan.
    MT one year an expansion project 2010
    which will increase capacity
    to 71,000 bbls. Construction of
    a new crude unit is now scheduled
    to begin in January 2010.

    Frontier Cheyenne 52.0 The refinery is operating at n/a
    WY reduced rates for economic


    Alon Paramount 55.0 Hydrocracker project post-
    CA poned indefinitely, the Co.
    said on Feb. 4

    Chevron Richmond, 243.0 Judge halts construction on n/a
    CA expansion project July 1.

    Flint North Pole 210.0 One of three processing n/a
    Hills AK units has been shut due
    to low jet fuel demand,
    co confirmed on Mar 19.

    (END) Dow Jones Newswires

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