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Update Mar 2012 – US Plan & UnPlan Maint.

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    US Refinery Status: BP Carson Refinery At Planned Rates
    Dow Jones NEWSWIRES 03-08-121123ET

    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.

    BP PLC’s San Francisco-area oil refinery in Carson, Calif., is operating at planned rates after restarting a hydrocracker unit last week, a person familiar with operations at the plant said on March 7. The unit experienced an emergency shutdown Feb. 24 a filing to California environmental regulators said. There is no maintenance under way at the 253,000-barrel-a-day refinery other than routine day-to-day work, the person added.

    Exxon Mobil Corp. on March 7 said its Beaumont, Texas, refinery is resuming normal operations and anticipates meeting all contractual obligations during the restart of an FCCU. A CO boiler tripped during the restart process on March 5 but was restarted relatively quickly, a TCEQ filing said. A previous TCEQ filing said an FCCU was shut for minor equipment repairs on Feb. 15.

    ConocoPhillips on March 5 said planned turnaround maintenance is under way at its San Francisco refining complex, which include the Grande Arroyo and Rodeo plants. Traders said a crude unit, reformer and coker unit would be included in the work that is expected to end at around March 25-28. The company wouldn’t specify the units involved in, or the duration of, the maintenance.

    A flash fire at a flare platform at Valero’s Memphis, Tenn., refinery on March 6 is not expected to extend five weeks of planned turnaround maintenance under way since March 2 at the plant’s crude unit. Three contract workers were injured in the fire. No other production units were affected by the fire.

    Citgo Corp. shut an alkylation unit at its Corpus Christi refinery on March 5 when a sensor detected a release and set off water cannons in the unit. The release was caused by a small flange leak, the company said and there was no impact to air quality.

    Alon USA on March 3 took an off-gas compressor off-line at its Big Spring, Texas, refinery due to a problem at a gas-oil hydrotreater, a filing to regulators said.

    BP PLC said Feb. 29 it will idle operations at its Cherry Point refinery in Ferndale, Wash., through April as the company performs maintenance in the aftermath of a Feb. 17 fire at the plant.

    HollyFrontier (HFC) said Feb. 28 that first-quarter crude rates at its Artesia, N.M., refinery as it performs maintenance on hydrotreaters. The company will also perform a turnaround at the alkylation unit at its 135,000 barrel-a- day refinery in El Dorado, Kan., during the first quarter.

    Chevron Corp. reported “low feed rates” and “unstability” Feb. 27 at its refinery in Richmond, Calif., according to a government document made public the following day. A Chevron spokesman declined to comment except that supply to customers was not interrupted.

    For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/ REF.

    Operator Refinery Capacity Description Restart
    (in 000s bbl/day)





    Alon Big Spring 67.0 Off-gas compressor shut on Mar N/A
    USA TX 3 due to gas-oil hydrotreater

    Citgo Corpus 165.0 Alkylation unit shut on Mar 5 N/A
    Christi due to small flange leak.

    Exxon Beaumont 344.0 Resuming normal operations after Mar 7
    boiler trip during FCCU restart
    on Mar 5, the co. said on Mar

    Pasadena Pasadena TX 100.0 Coker unit damanged by Dec 10 N/A
    Refining fire. Fire contained; no other
    units affected, the co. said
    on Dec. 12. On Jan 27, the co.
    said there was no change since
    the Dec. 12 statement; no re-
    start timing.




    BP Carson, CA 253.0 Hydrocracking unit restarted Mar 7
    Mar 1-2 after Feb 24 shutdown.
    a person familiar with the plant
    said on Mar 7.

    BP Ferndale, 230.0 Refinery idled after Feb. 17 End
    WA fire at crude unit. Planned April
    maintenance advanced; plant
    will remain shut through April.



    Husky Saskatchewan 21-days maintenance set in 1stH
    Upgrader first half 2012 at hydrogen 2012
    plant, the co. said on Feb 9.

    Husky Saskatchewan Major turnaround to take place Spring
    Refinery in spring of 2013. Plant-wide 2013
    shutdown for inspection and
    equipment repairs.


    HOVENSA St. Croix 350.0 Refinery shutdown completed, the
    co. said on Feb. 21. The facility 2012
    will be operated as a products
    storage terminal.

    Valero Aruba 235.0 One of two crude units and one of
    two cokers and a visibreaker remain
    shuttered due to economics
    , the Co.
    said on Mar 6.

    Conoco Trainer, PA 185.0 Crude processing halted;
    operations winding down,
    the company said on Sept. 30.
    The refinery will be
    shuttered in six months if
    not sold.

    Sunoco Philadelphia 335.0 Refineries up for sale on July
    Marcus Hook 190.0 Sept. 6; Marcus Hook shut 2012
    Dec. 1 ahead of schedule
    due to poor refining econo-
    mics. Phila. to shut in July


    BP Texas City 406.6 FCCU and Alkylation unit routine
    TX maintenance that began earlier in
    Jan continues, a person familiar
    with the refinery said on Feb 8.
    Restart estimate not available.

    Citgo Corpus 157.0 East Plant crude unit turnaround Jan 31
    Christi, TX concluded; plant back at normal
    rates, to Co. said on Jan 31.
    The maintenance got under way on
    Jan 10.

    Conoco Belle Chasse 247.0 Refinery up for sale aPhillips LA Nov. 29 Bloomberg News
    report said.

    Exxon Baytown 560.6 Two months turnaround work got Feb
    Mobil TX under way on Feb. 1 at an alky- 24
    lation unit and FCCU.

    Holly Artesia, NM 100.0 Crude runs will be reduced by Early
    Frontier 50% during 30 days of major turn- 2012
    maintenance in early 2012, the Co.
    said on Aug. 5.

    Valero McKee TX 170.0 5 week FCCU turnaround set for
    March, 2012, the co. said 1/31.

    Vacuum unit turnaround planned in
    first half of 2012, company said.

    Expansion project announced
    March 2011 to increase crude oil
    throughput by 25,000 b/d to
    195,000 b/d.

    alero Meraux, LA 135.0 FCCU will be shuttered during
    alkylation unit turnaround main-
    tenance that began wk of Jan 2
    the co. said on Jan 9.

    Valero Houston,TX 88.0 Seven weeks of FCCU maintnance end-March
    starting in Feb. 2012 the Co.
    said on Nov. 1, 2011.

    Valero Norco, LA 185.0 Ten weeks of work planned for mid-April
    the crude and coker units start- 2012
    ing Feb. 2012, co said on Nov. 1,

    Valero Norco, LA 185.0 Co. on Jan. 31 said 10-weeks of April
    planned crude/coker unit mainte- 2012
    will get under way in Feb.

    Hydrocracker project will pro- 2013
    ceed and be completed in late
    2013, the co. said on 7/27/10.

    Upgrade project to build 2012
    a new diesel hydrotreater
    unit moved from 2010 to
    4Q 2012.

    Valero Port Arthur 325.0 Hydrocracker project will pro- 2012
    TX ceed and be completed in late


    CVR Coffeyville 115.7 Final phase of turnaround work Q1
    KS will begin Feb 28 at crude unit 2012
    No. 2, coker, vacuum unit No. 2,
    hydrotreater for 4-5 weeks
    . First
    two phases concluded in Nov 2011.

    CVR Wynnewood 54.0 30-40 days maintenance planned Q3
    OK in 3rd Q 2013, the co. said on 2013
    Nov. 3, 2011.

    (MORE TO FOLLOW) Dow Jones Newswires

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