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Update Mar 2011 – NA Refinery T/A Plan & Unplan Maint

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    Refinery Status:West Coast Refiners Unaffected By Tsunami

    Published March 11, 2011   | Dow Jones Newswires

    The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn’t purport to be a comprehensive list.
    West Coast refiners including Valero Energy Corp., Chevron Corp., Exxon Mobil Corp., Tesoro Corp., Royal Dutch Shell and BP Plc said their operations were not affected by the tsunami caused by the massive earthquake in Japan.
    BP reported an upset FCCU No. 3 at its Texas City, Texas, refinery on March 11, according to a filing.
    Alon USA Energy Inc. reported that a snag on the SCOT emissions unit located at its Big Spring, Texas, refinery March 11, according to a filing with state environmental regulators.
    Valero Energy Corp. said March 9 it is focused on completing the maintenance activity at the St. Charles oil refinery in Norco, La., safely regardless of the timeline disclosed previously. A contract worker died Sunday and another was injured after an accident at FCCU that was already shut.
    Sunoco Inc.’s refinery in Philadelphia quickly extinguished a fire at a vacuum tower on March 7, which resulted in no injuries or off-site impact to the community, company spokesman Thomas Golembeski said on March 9.
    WRB Refining LLC reported an upset at fluid catalytic cracker unit No. 29, a key gasoline-making unit, at its Borger, Texas, refinery on March 2, according to a filing with state environmental regulators. WRB is a joint venture between ConocoPhillips and Cenovus Energy Inc..
    For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/REF.
    Operator   Refinery    Capacity (in 000s bbl/day)    Description     Restart
    Valero Aruba 235.0 Refinery operating at planned rates after repairs were completed, Co. said March 4. Water tank collapse on Feb 2 caused pipe damage which resulted in a plant wide shutdown.
    Hovensa St. Croix 500.0 Fire erupted at distillate desulfurization unit. Rest of operations running.
    Sunoco Marcus Hook 178.0 Reformer, Crude Unit, gas plant 1st Q PA shut Jan. 7 for maintenance, a 2011 source said on Jan. 6. Co. said on Feb. 3 work will conclude 1st quarter 2011.
    Sunoco Philadelphia 335.0 Crude unit, FCCU to shut Feb. 1st Q PA 1 for 2 weeks, a source said 2011 on Jan. 6. Co. said on Feb. 3 work will conclude in 1st quarter 2011. Fire at vacuum tower was quickly extinguished on March 7 with no injuries or off-site impact, Co. said March 8.
     BP Texas City,TX 437.0  FCCU No. 3 being stabilized, Co. reported March 11.
    Valero Norco, LA 250.0 A contract worker died and another was injured after an incident at a FCCU unit March 6, Co. said March 7. Other refining ops continue. Duration of ongoing work is unclear after accident, Co. said March 10.
    WRB Borger, TX 146.0 Process Upset at FCC Unit 29 March 2, a March 3 filing said.
    Alon Big Spring, TX 70.0 SCOT unit No. 1 experienced a calibrating issue at a flue gas flow meter March 11.
    Citgo Corpus Christi, TX 163.0 FCCU No. 1 shut Feb. 7 to repair an expansion joint. Restart estimate not available.
    ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, LA 504.5 Unspecified unit shut on Feb. 7 for repairs following a leak of hydrogen sulfide, the co. said on Feb. 8. Restart estimate not available.
    Flint Hills Corpus Christi, TX 300.0 Fire at East Plant on Jan. 31 results in excess opacity at FCCU II. Fire extinguished with- in 15 minutes. Company would not comment on status of FCCU operations.
    Holly Artesia, NM 100.0 Refinery operating at 40,000 b/d Corp. since Jan. 26 following plant-wide power failure; return to normal may take an additional week, the co. said on Feb. 4.
    Motiva Norco, LA 234.7 Process upset caused emissions, the company said Feb. 13.
    Valero Sunray, TX 171.0 Operations returned to normal on Feb 5/6 following cold weather-related power supply issues, the Co. said on Feb 7.
    Valero Port Arthur, TX 287.0 The FCCU shut Feb. 7 due to a loss Feb. 9 loss of steam was restarted on Feb. 8 and increasing to normal rates, the co. said on Feb.9.
    Tesoro Mandan, ND 58.0 Refinery continues to operate at 90% of capacity following fire at alkylation unit furnace on Jan. 19. All customer requirements are being met. Estimate to return to normal not yet available, the co. said on Feb. 3.
    Exxon Torrance, CA 149.5 Restarted unidentified units shut earlier this week for unplanned work, Co. said March 9.
    Conoco Rodeo, CA 120.2 Leak and fire occurred Jan. 30 Phillips at coker unit, the Co. said on Jan. 31, but would not comment on impact on operations.
    Shell Montreal, Quebec 130.0 The refinery will be converted into a terminal.
    Hovensa St. Croix, USVI 500.0 Operations will soon return to newly established rates as turn- around maintenance at SRU nears completion, the Co. said on Feb.1. The SRU turnaround began in Jan. Shutting smaller, older process units on west side of plant, which will reduce crude distillation to 350,000-b/d, Co. said Jan. 26. Coker, FCCU will not be affected.
    Valero Aruba 235.0 Plant nearing planned rates, the company said on Jan. 28. The plant, shut in July 2009 on poor economics, will use LNG to reduce utility costs.
    Sunoco Westville, NJ 145.0 Idling all Eagle Point refining operations indefinitely due to poor economics, co. said Oct. 6, 2009. n/a
    Valero Delaware 210.0 PBF Energy has closed Apr deal to buy plant. Petroplus 2011 said May 5 the plant would be restarted in 2Q of 2011.
    Valero Paulsboro, NJ 185.0 Sale of refinery to PBF Energy Dec.17  completed on Dec. 17.
    Western Yorktown, VA 64.5 The refinery will close in Sept September 2010 for economic reasons. Terminal operations will continue.
    BP Texas City, TX 437.0 A crude unit is going into turnaround maintenance as similar work is being done on FCCU No. 1, which was taken out of service on Jan. 12, a person familiar with ops said Jan. 25.
    Chevron Pascagoula, Miss. 330.0 Pre-commercial heavy oil 2010 conversion project delayed from 2008 to 2010 due to economic factors. Expansion project including the replacement of two 30-year-old reformers and construction of a 55,000 b/d continuous catalytic reformer platformer unit to be completed by late summer, Industrial Info Resources said July 6. A premium base-oil facility was also being planned, co. said in late Feb.
    Citgo Corpus Christi, TX 163.0 Turnaround activities in process and will continue to Feb. 28, Co. said Jan. 20. Sources said work is being performed at FCCU. New 42,500 B/D ULSD new unit has been started, now allowing the company to produce all of this fuel entirely in- house, Co. said Jan. 27.
    ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, LA 504.5 Several weeks of work got under way on Feb 5, the company said on Feb 7. It would not comment on what unit, or units, are involved. Exxon Baytown, TX 560.6 New ULSD Units commissioned, Mobil Co. said Oct 21. ULSD supply will increase by over 3 million gallons from Baytown & Baton Rouge.
    Shell Deer Park, TX 327.0 Maintenance activities are underway, Co. said Jan. 18, but the duration and type of work were not disclosed.
    Exxon Chalmette, LA 120.0 Crude throughput will be reduced to 90,000-b/d as redundant units and about 70 jobs are taken out of service and cut for economic reason. These have begun to take place, the co. said Aug 26. FCCU was taken out of service on Jan. 22, but the rest of refinery is operational. N/A
    Motiva Port Arthur, TX 285.0 Expansion project to increase 1Q throughput capacity by 325,000  b/d, to 610,000-b/d, slowed. Completion now seen 1Q 2012, from 2010.
    Pasadena Pasadena, TX 56.0 FCCU, 56,000-b/d, will be taken out of service Feb. 28 for 44 days for planned work, Co. reported Jan.25.
    Valero Houston, TX 145.0 Shut down of 90,000-b/d CDU Feb. 24 got underway on Jan. 31/Feb. 1 for 24 days turnaround main- tenance, the Co. said on Feb. 1.
    Valero Corpus Christi, TX 340.0 West Plant 50,000-b/d FCCU at reduced rates since mid-Dec for economic reasons. Production not affected by work at desulfirization unit over weekend, Co. said Feb. 28.
    Valero McKee, TX 170.0 Hydrocracker project to commence April 2011 in April of 2011. Vacuum unit turnaround planned for first half of 2012, company says.
    Valero Norco, LA 250.0 Hydrocracker project will proceed and be completed in late 2013, the co. said on July 27. FCCU, 100,000 b/d, will be 2Q revamped and work will take 2011 place at a alky unit, lasting 55 days starting in March, Co. said Oct. 26. Work planned at 90,000-b/d alky unit in March for 56 days. Upgrade project to build a new diesel hydrotreater unit moved from 2010 to 4Q 2012.
    Valero Port Arthur, TX 325.0 Hydrocracker project will proceed and be completed in late 2012, the co. said on July 27. Crude and coker work lasting 1H 2011 51 days to begin in February. Six coke drums will be re- 2011 placed in 2011. 77,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a rates since mid-Dec for economic reasons.
    Valero Sunray, TX 170.0 55,000-b/d FCCU at reduced n/a rates since mid-Dec for economic reasons. Planned hydrocracker turnaround, delayed from March, to take place in April and will last 24 days, Co. said Jan. 26.
    Western El Paso, TX 122.0 Plant is running at full capacity to take advantage of discounted prices fori ts crude supply and to make up for outages earlier this year, Co. said March 3.
    Western Gallup, NM 20.8 Plant is running at full capacity to take advantage of discounted prices for its crude supply and to make up for outages earlier this year, Co. said March 3.
    Marathon Canton, OH 78.0 Turnaround began last week and is ongoing, Co. said March 7.
    CVR Coffeyville, KS 115.7 Periodic turnaround will take place in two phases beginning in Fall 2011 and completed in Spring 2012.
    Valero Ardmore, OK 90.0 Plantwide turnaround expected to take place in March 2011.
    Chevron El Segundo 265.5 Planned flaring activity to take CA place on March 8-10 that is not related to a unit breakdown, Co. said in a March 6 filing.
    BP Carson, CA 264.0 Flaring, not related to equipment breakdown, planned between Feb. 15 and Feb. 18.
    Conoco Rodeo, CA 120.0 Planned maintenance underway, Co. said Jan. 20, but declined to say what units are involved and how long the work will last.
    ExxonMobil Torrance, CA 149.5 Hyrocracker, Sat. Gas Plant and hydrogen unit shut Feb 1 for several weeks of planned turnaround mainte- nance, the co. said on Feb. 1.
    Valero Benicia, CA 170.0 Process unit and FCCU down. FCCU unit to remain down amid maintenance planned for 1Q 2011. Plantwide turnaround is taking place and will last about 42 days, Co. reported Jan. 26.
    Tesoro Wilmington, CA 97.0 Unidentified process unit restarted March 2 after completing regular maintenance activity, CO. said March 3.

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