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Update – MAP seeking hundreds workers Detroit Refiinery (&coker) expansion

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    Charles Randall

    Marathon Petroleum seeking hundreds of construction workers at Cobo fair


    Marathon Petroleum Co. hopes to begin hiring several hundred skilled construction workers at a job fair Thursday at Cobo Center for its upcoming $1.9-billion Detroit refinery expansion.
    Promoting the job fair Wednesday, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick emphasized that Marathon needs workers with experience in various construction trades, including carpenters, masons and electricians.

    But even those who don’t get hired by Marathon can get referrals to a variety of training programs or other help finding employment.

    “We want to get people to work,” Kilpatrick said. “The biggest key to Michigan’s success, particularly southeastern Michigan, is to put people back to work…. Now we’re saying come down and access us.”

    The job fair will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Contact JOHN GALLAGHER at 313-222-5173 or

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on the MAP Detroit Refinery (& Coker) expansion.  Construction was to start in April 2008 but it looks like MAP is going to job fair to seek hundreds of craftsmen for project.
    The $1.9 Billion project’s 28 MBD coker will have COP Technology license (2006), Fluor doing EPC and was originally paused why MAP fast forwarded the Garyville Refinery expansion (& coker) but once it was at EPC stage the Detroit project was moved ahead of it’s sister expansion at MAP Cattelsburg Refinery (& coker) …… presumably because of its easier access to Canadian Bitumen pipelines (& purchase Western Oil Sands upgrader) and demands of product markets. MAP is well on it’s way to doubling coking capacity from 66 MBD in 2001 to goal 138 MBD by 2008.  The Detroit coker was orginally projected for 2010 start up but may be leaning towards 2011 on-line now.
    <I did not post a previous 4/11/08 update, but other news items were posted on MAP cokers 11/2/07 & 1/12/2006 on coker news. Also article 10/15/07 by Admin on Western Oil Sands purchase in Upgrader news for background.>

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