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Update-Japan Cosmo Oil double investment – add Coker Sakai Refinery

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    Charles Randall

    Japan’s Cosmo Oil to double mid-term investment
    Reuters / TOKYO, May 9, 2009 – Cosmo Oil Co , Japan’s fourth-biggest refiner, said on Friday it planned to nearly double its total investments over the next three years to 265 billion yen , nearly 70 percent of them on strategic areas including refining and petrochemical business.
    The majority of its strategic investments will be on refinery upgrades, announced in 2006, including a 25,000 barrel per day coking unit to process cheaper heavy oil and asphalt.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is brief Update on Japan’s Cosmo Sakai Refinery & Coker expansion from Nov 2006 announcement. Not lot details but continued verification of intent for the 25 MBD coker.
    The recently May post of DJ Table Asian Refinery Shutdown & Maintenance 2008 shows that 3 of Cosmos’s refineries are scheduled for downtime (Chabi, Sakai & Yokkaichi) in 3Q & 4Q 2008 but no coker unit work is indicated on Sakai Refinery.
    The Japan Cosmo Sakai Coker was not on my Feb 2006 Coker addition list because the project wasn’t verified until 2007 & I did not publish an update then.  I currently have 3 new coker additions for Cosmos, Kashami & Japan Energy refineries in Japan.
    Cosmos has indicated it will target California CARB-ULSD from its Sakai expanded Refinery operations. Construction is to start this year (2008) and complete / start-up by 2010.
    The Japan Institute Mar 2007 study around Canadian Oil Sands Products targeted Sakai & another of Japan refineries installing cokers for possible use of SCO & diesel products to stem the tide for the growing (currently +52.6% imports) dependence on the Mid East imported crudes by 2015. 
    Like African, and Russian refineries the Japanese refineries have been greatly under-utilized (~55-75% range), these potentials may begin an increase in rates for Japan similar to what has been happening in both Africa & Russia refineries via JV’s.  China’s CNPC is currently looking at Japanese Refineries for opportunities to quickly gaining additional product processing capabilities.

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